Remote Access

  • Students and staff can access their school files from outside the district by following the instructions below.  Only 50 people can login remotely at one time, so please remember to logout when you are finished.  You do not need to stay logged in while editing your files, only when uploading and downloading.

    Click here for the login page.

    At the login page, enter the same login information that you enter when logging in at school.


    After you have logged in successfully, you will see a link called My H Drive.  Click the link.


    You will then see a list of files and folders in your H: drive.

    If you choose to edit a file, you must save the file to the computer you are working on, then upload the file when you are finished editing. 

    The upload button can be found on the toolbar.   

    You will browse to the file on your computer, then click OK to upload.  If you created the file on your home computer and want to save it to the H: drive for later editing or printing at school, you would use the same upload button.

    Please remember to log out.

    If you have any questions or problems, please contact the tech department at 585-928-2938.