District Goals


    Bolivar-Richburg Central School


    To provide all of our students with the best education possible.


    In partnership and collaboration with families and the community, we will encourage a supportive environment where all children will accept challenges and grow intellectually, creatively, socially, emotionally, and physically.


    Respect:                         We show consideration for all

    Excellence and Quality:    We strive for outstanding performance and results

    Communication:              We share information on a consistent, timely, and appropriate basis

    Integrity:                        We do what we say to the best of our ability

    Innovation:                     We explore new ideas and ways to improve

    Achievement:                  We encourage and support everyone to reach his or her individual potential


     Bolivar-Richburg Central School District

    District Goals


    1. Goal Area:  Student Achievement:

      “The Bolivar-Richburg CSD will support all students so they can achieve their highest academic potential while preparing them for the opportunities and challenges beyond graduation.”

    2. Goal Area:  School Culture and Climate:

      “The Bolivar-Richburg CSD will establish supportive relationships between students, faculty / staff, and families and will provide a safe educational environment for all.”

    3.  Goal Area:  Communication: 

      “The Bolivar-Richburg CSD will provide efficient, effective, and transparent communication to incorporate all stakeholders (ie: Board of Education, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, and the entire Bolivar-Richburg Community) to directly address school activities, accomplishments, opportunities, and fiscal / budgetary practices.

    4.  Goal Area: Community Relations & Engagement (Parent Involvement):

      “Through school-community partnerships, Bolivar-Richburg CSD will facilitate families’ access to community-based programs and will work with local businesses and community organizations on programs to enhance students’ skills and family involvement.”

    5. Goal Area:  Fiscal Responsibility:

      “The Bolivar-Richburg CSD will develop a financially sound budget that protects the investments of and is transparent to all taxpayers.  The budget will incorporate the needs of the school community, prioritize resources to support academic growth and achievement, ensure safety and improve the school facilities.”