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  • Bullying Prevention Bully Prevention with Second Step  

    One of our top priorities is to enlist the support, input, and co-operation of all families in the school community to assure a safe, positive learning environment for elementary students. Therefore, the first phase was to gain understanding through surveying parents and students concerning bullying. The information you and the students provided, which has been posted below, was instrumental in choosing a program that fits the needs of students, staff and parents.  Based on these results, we have implemented a program called Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum in our PK-5 classrooms.

    Second Step is a research-based curriculum that teaches social and emotional skills for violence prevention. The program is user-friendly and contains parent components. It aims to reduce impulsive and aggressive behaviors and increase protective factors and social competence in children from preschool through junior high. Children learn how to respond empathically to others and practice skill steps for calming down, reducing anger, and solving problems. The classroom-based curriculum, organized by grade level, teaches children to practice empathy, problem-solving skills, risk assessment, decision-making, and goal-setting.

    It is our hope that through this focus on prevention and education that Bolivar-Richburg Elementary will be a nurturing environment for every student to learn and grow in.


    October is the nationally recognized month to educate students about the effects of bullying and prevention.  In addition to our year long 2nd step program, our counselor pushes into K-5 classrooms during the month of October to educate students about the meaning, causes, and effects of bullying.  The students participate in classroom lessons, activities, and projects through out the month. It is our goal to create a bully free and safe learning environment for our students.  


    If you are a student or a parent and need to report bullying please see your DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) coordinator in the perspective buildings:

    Elementary: Angela Schryver,  Phone: 585-928-2852 email: aschryver@bolivarrichburg.org.

    Middle/High School: Charanna Swartwout,  Phone: 585-928-2915  email: cswartwout@bolivarrichburg.org



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