Committee of Preschool Special Education (CPSE)

  • The Committee of Preschool Special Education (CPSE) consists of a multidisciplinary team that is approved by the Board of Education.  Students are eligible for this program in the Bolivar-Richburg Central School District between the ages of 3-5.  Please contact the Director of Special Education, Susan Bokman (585-928-2913), if you are interested in referring your child to CPSE to determine eligibility for a special needs program.

    Multidisciplinary CPSE Team:

    The multidisciplinary team may consist of the following members:

    • The parent/guardian of the child
    • Regular education teacher (if the child is or may be participating in the regular education environment)
    • Special education teacher or related service provider
    • A representative of the local school district
    • An individual who can interpret evaluation results
    • Other individuals who have knowledge or special expertise about the child
    • An additional parent member
    • A licensed or certified professional from the Department of Health’s Early Intervention Program (for a child in transition from the Early Intervention Program)
    • A certified or licensed preschool representative from the municipality must be notified of scheduled meetings; however the CPSE meeting can be held whether or not the municipal representative attends.

    ** A parent/guardian can request that a parent member not be present at the meeting.  If you wish to excuse the parent member for your child’s meeting, please contact the CSE office in advance of the meeting at 585-928-2913 and make your request known.

    *** As a parent/guardian you may invite other individuals to attend your child’s CSE meeting; however as a courtesy we request that you contact the CSE office prior to the meeting and let us know who you will be bringing to the meeting.


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