Transition Services

  • Special needs students, aged 15 years and older, will participate in transition activities each year during their annual CSE meeting.  A coordinated set of transition activities will be discussed and developed during your child’s CSE meeting.  

    Transition services consist of the following areas:

    • Instruction
    • Related Services
    • Community Experiences
    • The development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives
    • When appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluations

    Your child will be invited to attend their CSE meeting in order to participate in the transition process during the meeting.  Please discuss the following questions with your child prior to their CSE meeting so that they can be prepared to fully participate at their CSE meeting.

    • Where does your child want to live after they graduate from Bolivar-Richburg Central School? (home, apartment, college dorm, etc.)
    • What type of job will your child have? (working in a restaurant or department store, joining the military, or attending college, etc.)
    • What skills does your child feel they need to improve in to be successful in their chosen career field?
    • What strengths does your child feel that they possess in order to be successful in their chosen career field? 

    ** Your child’s special education teacher will also discuss these questions with your child to prepare them for their CSE meeting.  When the special education teacher calls you to remind you of the meeting, you may wish to discuss the topic of transition with the special education teacher.

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