JCC College Connections Courses

  • JCC For the past 20 years, Jamestown Community College has worked with over 40 local high schools and BOCES to help students earn concurrent high school and college credit by completing college courses right within their home high school environments. 

    JCC College Connections courses provide students with challenging coursework, which better prepares them for the rigor of college as well as give them a head start on some basic introductory coursework. 

    We at BRCS currently offer the following JCC courses:

    • College English 1510 for juniors and seniors
    • College English 1530 and 1540 for seniors
    • College Ceramics 1590
    • MATH 1500 College Math Problem Solving
    • MATH 1540 Elementary Statistics
    • MATH 1590 College Algebra/Trigonometry
    • MATH 1600 College PreCalculus
    • College Public Speaking
    • College Music Appreciation and Music Theory
    • College Intro to Psychology PSY 1510

    Students are required to earn certain minimum scores on the computerized Accuplacer test, earn certain GPAs and or regents or SAT scores in order to qualify for these courses or be ranked in the top 10% of their high school class. BRCS covers the tuition cost of these courses for students, which leaves only the cost of the course textbook for the student and family to cover. This is a phenomenal financial deal!

    Students must request an official transcript from JCC and ask that it be sent to your college of choice when you graduate so that your college grants you the college credits you have earned in high school through the College Connections program.  The files are attached to assist you with this.

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