Chain of Communication

  • When questions arise, please contact the appropriate Administrator. We find that asking the person closest to the area of concern usually gets the quickest and most accurate response.

    For questions about your child’s program, it is best to start with the teacher. If the teacher cannot satisfy your concern, please call the Principal of that building.

    If there is a sports related problem, please contact the coach first. If the issue is not resolved, contact the Athletic Director. If it is not resolved at that level, please contact the building Principal next.

    In those few cases when the Principal cannot provide an answer, or provide the recourse you seek, please call the Superintendent. Whenever the Superintendent’s decision fails to meet your needs, please contact the District Clerk, and ask the Superintendent to have your concern placed on the agenda for the next Board Meeting.

    Please remember that the Board must act as a whole unit. Individual Board members cannot make decisions independent of the other members.