School Board Meetings

  • The Board of Education of the Bolivar-Richburg Central School District encourages and welcomes public participation at Board meetings.  The agenda for the meeting is available to all visitors.

    Should you care to address the Board concerning an agenda item, an opportunity is provided on the agenda under “Public Participation”. Each resident will be allowed to speak for a period of 5 minutes. Public participation will not exceed 30 minutes.

    Any special request to address the Board concerning items not included in the Board agenda should be made in writing at least three school days prior to the regularly scheduled Board meeting. This request should be made to the Superintendent of Schools and should include the particular subject item(s) for presentation to the Board.

    All questions presented by any person to either the Board or any member of the staff shall be answered in the manner determined by the presiding officer.

    Anyone wishing to address the Board on a matter involving an individual by name shall do so only in a written statement filed with the Board or in executive session.

    PLEASE REMEMBER: A board of education meeting is a meeting held in public, not a public meeting.