Board Responsibility

  • The Board members, although elected by the voting public of the District, are, by law, officers of the State of New York and as such are responsible to the State Commissioner of Education for carrying out the duties and obligations imposed upon them by State Law.

    Board of Education members are your elected representatives. As such, they have a responsibility for providing a comprehensive program of quality education for the community. Basically, the Board represents you by:

    • Establishing a sound philosophy for all educational programs and related activities.
    • Adopting policies for the operation of the public school system.
    • Providing leadership for educational progress through the setting of goals and objectives.
    • Developing sound financial plans consistent with education needs and community resources. 

    The Board formulates policy for the attainment of these objectives and employs professional educators for administration of its programs. The policies, broadly speaking, are guidelines for discretionary actions on the part of the Superintendent.