NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence

  • NYSOne $1500.00 scholarship and two $500.00 scholarships will be given, which are renewable for up to four years at colleges within New York State.  

    Normally, Regents exam scores are used in selecting scholarship recipients. However, this year, due to Regents examinations not being given as often due to the pandemic, NYS has recommended  districts consider alternate criteria. Therefore, class rank will be utilized.  

    Criteria Method B - Rank in Class

    For high schools that can determine class rank because of their grading system, the class rank of students at the end of their junior year will be utilized. In the case of a tie, the high school may determine rank order by lottery among individuals having the same class rank. 

    Please direct questions to Mrs. Crandall-Bean in the Guidance Office at 585-928-2985.