• October 8, 2019


    The Guidance Office is publishing the selection criteria for the New York State Scholarships for Academic Excellence  One $1500.00 scholarship and two $500.00 scholarships will be awarded to BR seniors with the highest Method A calcuations below.  These scholarships can be usde at colleges in NYS and are good for up to four years.  



    Criteria used:  Method A -Regents test scores

    The high school shall select their winners by computing a weighted average of the scores on the Regents examinations taken by its students prior to their senior year, in all of the following subjects:


    The weighing of the regents exam scores shall be:

    Comprehensive English –weight of three

    Algebra II - weight of three

    Global History- weight of one

    US History-weight of one

    Science-at least two regents exam  but up to four science exams can be included –weight of one for each course (BRCS uses  the Earth Science, Biology/Living Environment and Chemistry regents exams for this calculation.)


    Please direct questions to Mrs. Crandall-Bean in the Guidance Office.