ESSA/Title I Program Procedures

  • Supporting Students in Need Through Title I

    The Title I program is a funding resource provided by the federal government to help kids in poverty.  States receive funding from the federal government and then send the funds to local school districts. Districts earmark the money for individual schools with high poverty rates to improve their students' academics and close achievement gaps. 

    Federal funds don’t replace local and state dollars, but are added to local money dedicated to the schools.  Bolivar-Richburg Central School District uses a schoolwide model where funds can be used across the entire school's population to improve achievement. Many types of activities can be paid for with Title I dollars.  They just need to support learning and be allowed within the schoolwide program. 

    If you have any questions about Title I in your child’s school please contact your building principal.


    The Title I program is administered at all three buildings (Pre-K, Elementary and Middle School/ HS).  All schools within the District qualify as School-Wide Schools.   This designation is based on the high poverty levels (above 50%) of families residing within the District and allows for the use of Title I funds for all students and classes.  This is as opposed to a targeted program, in which funds are expended for educational purposes for students who have specific or special needs.    

    Teachers who are paid with Title I funds educate students in the areas of Language Arts (lesser extent), Math and Reading.

    Grade levels K-2 utilize I-Ready computerized testing and benchmarking.  The I-Ready program helps identify needs and instructs the teachers as to what areas to focus on. All other grade levels utilize I-Ready and standardized tests each year to monitor their progress.  Due to the school-wide designation, all students have to be assessed.

    Michael A. Retzlaff, Superintendent of Schools is the Federal Programs Director


    Since BRCSD is school-wide, all students are eligible to receive the benefits of Title I funds.   However, the District does focus on students who have difficulty learning.  This allows for certain students to be pulled out from their regular instruction in the areas in which they need the most help.


    Title 1 Serving students having difficulty with Reading and /or Math Skills

    Students advance at different rates. Some require extra help. 

    Selection of students for Title 1 support is determined by:

    • consistent below grade level performance
    • test scores
    • teacher and/or parent referral

    The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and assessments.

    Schools are eligible for Title I services based on their student poverty rate. The Title I Targeted Assistance Schools designated for the 2019-20 school year are:

    • Bolivar-Richburg Elementary School
    • Bolivar-Richburg Junior/Senior High School    

Title I Annual Parent Meeting

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Title I Brochure

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  • What Does Title 1 look like at BRCS?

    A title 1 teacher works with students from grades K-12 individually or in small groups. 

    Extended instructions may be provided for students who need foundational skills.

    Title 1 staff members work with students in the Title 1 rooms or in the regular classrooms to give them extra help. 

    Title 1 is not special education

    There are other programs for special needs. 

    Students exit the program when they reach grade level.

    Title I schools receive federal funding to supplement the school’s existing programs. These dollars are used to:

    • Fund supplemental programs
    • Fund supplemental staff and materials
    • Fund programs and services that specifically support students with the greatest academic need

    Title I funds are to be used to directly impact student achievement by:

    • Providing additional services that increase the amount and quality of instructional time
    • Providing enriched and accelerated academic programs
    • Significantly elevating the quality of instruction

    Affording parents substantial and meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their children.


    Throughout year, children are monitored and given progress reports. Progress reports are sent every 5 weeks while report cards are sent every 10 weeks.  Response to intervention meets when teachers request additional support.

    In the fall, teachers are asked to complete an assurance folder for all students in the building since they are a school-wide program.  The following information should be included in each folder:

    • Parent compacts & evidence of parental involvement
    • Student data
    • Student assessment data

    These folders are maintained by the reading department.

    Each building principal observes the staff on a regular basis to monitor teaching techniques and the progress of students.  Assessment data is sent home 4 times per year for all students. In addition, parents are encouraged to meet with all teachers to discuss their child’s progress.

    Teachers are required to keep detailed records for each student.  Also, continuing education is stressed among Title I staff.  Title I funds help support 2 teachers to work with classroom teachers in providing them with additional professional development in the area of reading skills.  The 2 teachers also work with lower achieving students to build the student skill base. 

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