National Honor Society

  • Guidelines for selection of National Honor Society members

    Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors awarded to a high school student. As part of the by-laws of the National Honor Society Constitution, each school district is required to publish its selection procedures annually.  Bolivar-Richburg’s selection procedures are as follows:

    NHS Membership Procedures

    At the midpoint of the school year (i.e. after the 2nd marking period), each high school teacher receives a list of juniors and seniors who have met the scholastic eligibility requirement of having a 91% or higher average.  This score reflects the student’s cumulative high school average through the midpoint of the current school year. The teachers will evaluate students on the three other criteria necessary for selection:  leadership, service, and character.  Teachers will only evaluate students with whom they have had direct contact.

    During this process, each scholastically eligible student receives and completes a Student Activity Information Sheet.  On it, students list their activities and extracurricular information for the Faculty Council to review. In addition, the Faculty Council asks that each candidate submit a written response.  The Faculty Council is a committee consisting of five high school teachers and is annually appointed.   The principal and NHS advisor are non-voting members of the council.  This body reviews each student’s activity form, written statement, as well as faculty recommendations.  Candidates receiving a majority vote (i.e. at least three votes) of the Faculty Council are inducted into our NHS chapter.

    When students receive their Student Activity Information Sheet, it is imperative that students do NOT leave any section blank.  In order to be inducted into the National Honor Society, students must meet all criteria necessary for selection:  outstanding scholarship, leadership, service and character. It is impossible to tell if a student meets the criteria if a section is left blank.

    All eligible candidates in the current Junior and Senior classes will receive information from Mr. Baldwin after the 2nd marking period each year.  If you have any questions about the National Honor Society please contact Mr. Baldwin, the NHS advisor, at: