Fitness Center Code of Conduct

  • Bolivar-Richburg Central School believes that a person’s exercise atmosphere is critical in developing wellness of spirit, mind and body. Therefore, we ask that all Fitness Center participants please:

    • Consult your physician before starting an exercise program.
    • Sign in and out every time you work out.
    • Wear shirts and shoes at all times.
    • Wear appropriate athletic shoes and comfortable clothing
    • Do not wear weight belts, jeans, or any other clothing with rivets
    • Return all equipment when finished.
    • To ensure a comfortable workout for everyone, please be courteous and respectful to others.
    • Train quietly.
    • Do not loiter on machines.
    • Do not drop weights on the floor.
    • Do not monopolize several pieces of equipment while others are waiting.
    • Allow other members to work through when you are performing multiple sets of any equipment.
    • Wipe down machines after each use with towels and disinfectant provided.
    • Sign up for cardio machines when all machines are in use.
    • Limit time on cardio machines to 20 minutes when other members are waiting.
    • No food or beverages (except water).
    • The community participants will be 18 years of age who have already graduated from high school and older.

    Please make this a fun, healthy and enjoyable experience for all by demonstrating care, honesty, respect, and responsibility towards fellow fitness center participants.