Houghton University Early College Program

  • Houghton University offers several Early College courses at a reasonable cost, including drone piloting, data analytics, History of Rock and Roll Music, Criminology, and more! 

    For more information visit: www.houghton.edu/undergraduate/early-college.

    Instructions for Applying

    1. Students will need to apply register/apply for the course(s) they are interested in by May 3. Students must use the Early College Application found at https://admission.houghton.edu/register/eca
      1. Please use the following responses to some of the application questions. 
        1. Under "Course Information" - check "Summer 2023" and "For Credit".
        2. Under "Course 1" you'll need to enter the appropriate "Course Prefix", "Course Number", "Course Name", and "Course Format". You can find these below. 
          1. "Course Prefix"
            1. PSY for Psychology
            2. CRJ for Criminal Justice
          2. "Course Number" 
            1. 111 for Psychology
            2. 201 for Criminal Justice
          3. "Course Name"
            1. Introduction to Psychology
            2. Introduction to Criminal Justice
          4. "Course Format"
            1. Select "online"
          5. Select the Appropriate box for whether you are taking a second course or not.
            1. If "yes", repeat Steps 1-4 for the second course, etc..
          6. Application Complete