• The Wolverines picked an inopportune time to have their roughest outing of the season.  In the State Qualifier/ Crossover game, BR fell to the Oakfield Alabama Hornets, 6-2, Friday evening in Wayland Cohocton.  Though Wayland Cohocton has been kind of a hit or miss neutral site for BR, we would like to thank the school for hosting this game.  Also, congratulations to the Hornets on a well-played game as they move on to the Far West Regional game. Not sure if anyone from other districts ever reads this.

    Here's wishing you the bluest sky
    And hoping something better comes tomorrow
    Hoping all the verses rhyme
    And the very best of choruses too
    Follow all the doubt and sadness
    I know that better things are on the way.

    This brings an end to the 2022 baseball season.  BR finishes with an overall 22-2 record, with the fourth consecutive Sectional title.  Also, Coach Allen passed the 300 career wins mark. We saw many players develop as the season progressed while we will miss the seniors who have played their last, the underclassmen remaining leave nothing but hope for 2023. 

    Here's hoping all the days ahead
    Won't be as bitter as the ones behind you
    Be an optimist instead
    And somehow happiness will find you
    Forget what happened yesterday
    I know that better things are on the way

    Oakfield won the toss before the game and chose to be the home team.   Things never really picked up for BR from there, either.  BR only managed 5 hits in this one, fanning, as a team, nine times. Three of the seven innings the team went down in order.  In thanks, partly, to clean fielding by the Hornets.  Defensively, while only one Wolverine error was charged, there were a couple of headscratchers out there that we haven’t seen nor would expect to see in game 24. Unfortunately for the Wolverines several of those headscratchers accumulated in the decisive bottom of the 3rd

    The BR first was one of those “in order” frames.  Two groundouts sandwiched around a strikeout and the die was cast.

    On the flip side, OA sent six to the plate and scored a run in their half.  A sharp single up the middle started the inning.  A walk and another single to center loaded the bases.  A strikeout by Trey Buchholz was one away.  A fielder’s choice, Ian Unfus to Landon Danaher covering second was two away but there wasn’t a chance to turn 2 which would have negated the run and ended the inning.  A fly out to Evan Pinney in left did eventually end the threat, with minimal damage.  A 1-0.

    BR went quick again in the second. A strikeout, a hard liner to center by Caden Allen, just right at the kid, then a grounder to the first baseman and back out to the field boys.

    The Hornets had another threat cooking in the second.  A hard single up the middle and a hit batter put two on.  However, a strikeout, a popper to Danaher and another fly to Pinney squelched any runs.

    It's really good to see you rocking out and having fun
    Living like you just begun
    Accept your life and what it brings
    I hope tomorrow you'll find better things
    I know tomorrow you'll find better things

    BR got in front in the top of the third.  Though it didn’t start that way. With two already gone, Pinney doubled through the left side.  Danaher singled to center, scoring Pinney.  Danaher stole his way to third while Buchholz was drawing a walk.  During Wyatt Karnuth’s at bat, a wild pitch allowed Danaher to score.  BR 2-1.

    The bottom of the third was not nice. 

    A single to left, then a single to right, first and third. A groundout, Danaher to Cam MacDonell was out 1 but the run scored and there was a man on second.  A pop out to Danaher made two away and we’re thinking “okay”.  An opposite field line shot that just seemed to keep going and going went for three bases and BR was behind again.  An error scored a run and left a man on.  Another single to right then a tough chance play in the infield and bags were full.  A hit batter scored run number 5. A pitching change and a play in the infield that was a BIG head scratcher made it 6-2.

    BR went in order again in the fourth. A K, then a grounder to second, grounder to first. One could sense there didn’t seem to be the usual spark amongst the players.

    Oakfield Alabama finally went in order in the bottom of the fourth. A fly to Reiss Gaines in center, then one to Allen in right and a strikeout by Danaher with Aydin Sisson making the squeeze on the foul tip for the out.

    BR looked to get some spark back. A one out single by Ethan Childs then a hard shot single by Pinney had two aboard.  But a strikeout and a base running snafu ended that threat.

    The boys couldn’t make it two innings straight of shutting down the Hornets in order.  After a ground out, Childs to Cam, a dropped third strike put a man on and prolonged the inning.   The next batter,  catcher Childs made the nice foul tip snare to complete the K.  The final out was an adventure as the popper to the infield was called for by one then caught by another, fortunately avoiding injury both physical and ballgame wise.

    BR’s sixth, maybe they can get one or more to make it closer.  Well, that didn’t come to pass. Karnuth was hit by a pitch and that was the only offense of the frame. A couple of hard-hit balls were played cleanly by the Hornets.

    Bottom of the sixth.  Keep them off the board, then maybe….

    Well, the first part was true, though it was hairy.  A single up the middle, started things for the victors.

    A nifty 1-4-3 double play erased that runner as Danaher gobbled up the comebacker to the mound, pivoted and fired a rocket to Sisson covering second for one. Sisson then made the relay to Cam at first to put two away.  A grounder to the hole then a head-hunter at Cam, through to Allen in right had men at the corners.  Allen’s throw to Karnuth at third just missed getting the runner and ending the inning.  With first and third, maybe not the call Coach Allen wanted, but it worked.  Runner at first went, the throw went through to Buchholz at short (I think that’s the part that Coach Allen DIDN’T want).  The throw didn’t get the kid at second, but the runner on third broke for home, and Buchholz fired the ball back at Childs, in plenty of time for Ethan to apply the tag, despite the runner’s best Ninja moves.

    With rally hopes, BR was batting in the top of the seventh.  Gaines hit a single to left to get on and give a bit of a pulse.   Unfortunately, three straight Ks as the boys hadn’t been able to figure out the strike zone all game.  I’ll say they weren’t alone in that regard. That was game, set, and match.

    Much shorter than usual rundown of stats.  

    Danaher had a hit, a run, and an RBI.

    Gaines had the hit at the end.

    Childs had a hit.

    Pinney had two hits, one a double and scored the other BR tally.

    Here's wishing you the bluest sky
    And hoping something better comes tomorrow
    Hoping all the verses rhyme
    And the very best of choruses too
    Follow all the doubt and sadness
    I know that better things are on the way


    A final mention of the seven seniors who will be crossing the stage in a few weeks and going on to better things. 

    Though the coaches had some words on the field after the final out, on behalf of them, I will also thank the seniors for their efforts that brought the school and community many thrills and laughs and good times both this season and in prior seasons. 

    Landon Danaher

    Wyatt Karnuth

    Cam MacDonell

    Phil MacDonell

    Matt Mitchell

    Darien Champlin

    Ethan Childs

    Thank you, gentlemen!

    Again, thank you to all the friends, families, interested bystanders, etc. who came out and supported the team and the coaches this season.  We all appreciate you!

    I know you've got a lot of good things happening up ahead
    The past is gone, it's all been said
    So here's to what the future brings
    I hope tomorrow you'll find better things
    I know tomorrow you'll find better things

    Now if you are wondering what sort of lunacy has gone on in this final scribe of the season.  Many weeks back a few of the players mentioned the song Pump it Up (apparently by someone named Endor?). Their current favorite, I suppose.   Being old, I said, “The one by Elvis Costello”?  The generational divide showed as they looked at me as if I had three heads.

    Well, in keeping with that Geezer rock mindset, I’ve scattered throughout this (probably very illegally, as well), the lyrics of a song that I have always felt is a great end of the year, graduation, moving on kind of song.  It’s by The Kinks (rock and roll hall of famers, top THAT Endor!!) from 1981, called Better Things.

    For all of us, I hope tomorrow brings us better things.