• The Wolverines remained unbeaten on Saturday with a resounding 34-0 triumph over the host Holley Hawks.  I’ve been around here for awhile and I do not recall any BR sports team squaring off against Holley, but I could be wrong.  

    Statistically the game was tilted pretty much as the score would indicate, even though BR had a few tough stretches on the offensive side of the ball. The boys outgained the Hawks 295 -162, with a large piece of the Hawks real estate snapped up on one pass play in the late going.  The first down differential was 16-6.   BR was a perfect 3-3 on fourth down conversions.  All that being said, things did not start well for the Wolverines.

    BR took the opening kick and on the opening kick return Ethan Coleman at first bobbled, then picked up the ball at the BR 31.  He went around the right flank of the kick return squad with nary a hand laid on him, going all the way for the apparent score.  But while the celebration begun, there on the field near midfield, one of the officials dropped a flag.  Block in the back so BR had to start all the way back to their own 44.  And then things GOT WORSE.  The team couldn’t shift into a forward facing gear, losing yards on three straight plays creating a seldom seen 4th and 32.  Charlie Millitello punted the ball away to the Hawks 35.

    The Holley series was almost as ineffective as the BR first chance.  Solid defensive plays by Caden Allen, Coleman and Tavyn MacDonell brought up 4th and 8.  The Hawk punt was returned by Coleman after a 10 yard pick up to the BR 44. From there Allen went for 9 then, 2, FIRST DOWN!  Coleman had gains of 3 and 6 then Allen picked up the first down with a 5 yard keeper. Coleman again for 6, then 7.  Maddox Day got three tough yards on first down. Coleman got 4 more.  Allen another 5, before Coleman finished the drive with a six yarder to paydirt.   Allen kept the ball on the two point try for the early BR 8-0 lead.

    Millitello’s kick was returned for 8 yards before Maddox Davison dropped the runner. Tackles by Allen and Davison set up third and short.  Then the Hawks took off, floating a pass out to the flat good for a big 23 yards gain. Coleman putting the brakes on the receiver before any further damage could be done.  Two runs with tackles by MacDonell and Day, ended the quarter with the Hawks facing the 3rd and short. 

    A keeper gave them another first down at the BR 29 after the change of ends.  Two short runs and another first down gaining completion had the Hawks knocking on the door at the BR 15.  Incompletions on first and second down, then Coleman stopping the short gain flip setting up 4th and 7 for the Hawks.   One more incompletion ended the best threat the home side would have until very late in the contest.

    Coleman went for 40 on first down taking the ball across the midfield line before being caught at the Hawk 48. Allen went for 14, then 7.  Two fine defensive plays had BR facing 4th and 7.   After drawing up something during a BR time out, Coleman finished the drive with a 31 yard scamper for six. On the play, the snap was errant and Coleman scooped up the ball near the 40, continued on his path around the right side finishing the play in the endzone.  Some pleasantries exchanged following the play brought about offsetting unsportsmanlike calls.     The PAT pass just missed connecting, BR 14-0.

    Kingston Loucks got the tackle on the kickoff meaning the Hawks would start on their own 37.  The defense was really flying around at this point.  Trevor Pforter, MacDonell and Coleman had them at 4th and short.  Hoping to replicate BR’s success on their last 4th down play, Holley took a timeout.  Well, they were sort of right as Coleman made the play again.  He came flying through the bodies to drop the Holley runner for a loss, BR taking over on the Holley 43.

    BR had another stretch of plays that will not be making Sportscenter, ever!  Once again the car was stuck with the shifter pointing at “R”.  Not having confidence in any calls for 4th and 39 on the play sheet, the BR coaches decided to punt.   Even that didn’t go so well as Millitello’s punt was partially blocked, rolling to a stop at the BR 46.

    Things continued a little funky as BR jumped offside allowing 1st and 5.  Allen made the stop for 2nd and 1.  The next one, I gotta say, a bit of a head scratcher. You’re moving the ball, why break out the exotics?   It looked as if they were trying to set up a double pass play with the lateral to the left side of the offense hoping then for an open man down field.  However, the lateral was played to perfection with MacDonell getting across for the 7 yard loss.  With time running down in the half and facing 4th and 8 near midfield, the Hawks punted to the BR 20.

    Coleman tore off another 21 yards, just being tripped up near the sideline.  An incomplete pass brought about the siren.   BR 14-0 at the half.

    MacDonell made the stop on the kickoff return at the Holley 35.   He then made the stop on first down.  Millitello stuffed the runner after 1 on second down. Allen then had a tackle for a loss to bring out the punt squad.   The punt going out at the BR 20. 

    Coleman had two runs totaling 8.  Allen was thwarted for a one yard loss.  Coleman then just barely got the first down on 4th and 3 to the BR 37. Another one yarder for Coleman.  Five yards gifted from the D and a five yard run from Day, BR first down.  Another “would have been” big run was negated by a holding call. BR facing a 1st and 24 on their own 37.  Coleman went for 7.  Allen completed a 9 yard toss to MacDonell.  The third down pass was incomplete, so BR punted away.  

    Millitello’s kick was a good one, with MacDonell flying down on coverage leaving the Hawks to start at their own 21. A short run then a sizeable pass play with Coleman making the stops on each, moved the Hawks out to the 40. They then stalled out.  Allen, Zach Mitchell, Pforter made stops to set up a 4th and short.  On the play,  MacDonell sliced through the offense dropping the runner for -3 yards and the turnover on downs.

    It didn’t take long for BR to take advantage, Coleman going to the house from 44 out, steamrolling a would be tackler at about the 20 on his way in.  The 2 point try was stopped short, BR 20-0.

    BR experimented with some kickoff chicanery on this summery Saturday afternoon.  Millitello had a watermelon ball kick off take a hop over the front line before it was fallen upon by the Hawks at their own 33.  Two short runs with tackles by MacDonell and Pforter brought up 3rd and long.  A would be BIG pass play just slipped through the hands of the Hawk receiver who had gotten behind the Wolverine defense corps, he may not have been able to go the distance, but it clearly would have been first down yardage.  After BR was guilty of running into the kicker (the 5 yard kind) on the 4th down punt, the Hawks went for it but their pass was again incomplete, BR taking over at the Holley 41.

    Day finished the third quarter with a nice 7 yard burst.  Allen started the final session with a short run.  He was then forced backward on the 3rd down play.  The Hawks were drawn offside allowing BR to go for it with a long one yard to gain.  Well, Coleman got that one and the rest of the 32 for his 4th TD of the contest.  Allen’s flip to Pforter was complete for the pair, and BR was up 28-0.

    Another kickoff experiment worked in BR’s favor as the home team didn’t get on it. MacDonell recovering the short kickoff at the Hawk 40. Day went for 3, Allen for 15 and the first.  Coleman got 7.  Davison picked up 5.  Allen another 3 and finally Coleman for the score from 7 out. The extra point try was stopped just short.

    The ensuing kickoff was no screwing  around this time,  Millitello belted the ball for the touchback.  Dustin Murray made the stop on first down. MacDonell and Millitello  made stops to bring up 4th down.  They converted into a first down with Mitchell making the stop.  Another stop by Mitchell on a 2 yard run preceded the Hawks big play of the game.  A 46 yard toss to the kid who just missed a few minutes back moved the ball into BR territory. MacDonell and Day stopped short runs. On third down, a team tackle with David Phearsdorf leading the charge left the Hawks short.  An incomplete pass on the 4th down play kept the goose egg on the board and effectively ended the contest.  BR ran twice to run out the ball game. 

    If you’ve noticed Coleman’s name a few times well, he had 237 yards on 18 carries, good for 5 scores. Allen rushed for 28 total, though that was negatively affected by some snap snafus.  He also scored a two pointer and threw one to Pforter.  

    One the defensive side of things, I had MacDonell with a dozen stops, several for minus yards.   Coleman, also involved in the D with 7 stops. Allen had 5.

    A short week and then another long drive await the Wolverines.  BR gets to head north of the thruway again on Thursday with a trip to historic Seneca Falls to face the Mynderse Academy Blue Devils at 6 pm.