• The Wolverines made their way into the semifinals with a come from behind 26-22 win over the visiting Holley Hawks Friday night.  It was kind of a tale of two halves sort of game as the first half was very low scoring but things got wild when they got past intermission. 

    BR will travel to Pembroke for next weekend’s semi-final matchup, hoping to acquire a bit of revenge for the 28-12 loss from the 14th.  The complete whens and hows have not yet been worked out.

    The teams battled through a scoreless first quarter.  BR took the opening kick and did not get much done with the ball, Caden Allen punting it away on a 4th and 11.   The Hawks took over at their own 45 and built up a solid drive, for the most part nickel and diming the ball along on short runs.   BR’s D coming from the usual names, if you have followed along this year.  Trent Sibble, Allen, Zach Mitchell, and a couple of names that haven’t spent a lot of time on the stat sheet.  Maddox Davison and Levi Williams contributed stops as the Hawks tough inside running game was looking to bear fruit.  One long run by their fullback went for 21 with Maddox Day making the touchdown saving stop at the 9.  A holding call backed them up to the 19 and that was followed by the first of three lost fumbles for the Hawks. Maddox Day on the recovery at the BR 22.

    A couple of Allen runs and a flip from Allen to Trevor Pforter had BR out to the 40. Sibble, Allen and Sibble again had BR closing in on paydirt perhaps.  The Wolverines were flagged for their own hold backing them up to the Hawk 40.  A toss from Allen to Davison ended the first. A 10 yard run by Sibble made it 3rd and manageable.  But two incomplete passes turned the rock back to the Hawks.

    Holley’s drive stalled out on the BR side of the 50.  The punt was fair caught at the Wolverine 18 by Allen.  A short run and a false start and BR was backed to their 13.  A tipped ball was picked off giving the Hawks excellent starting position at the Wolverine 20. From there they made short work of the remaining yards, getting on the board from 6 out with the completion for the extra 2 and the visitors were up 8-0.

    Like last week, the kickoffs on this night were a big factor in the game.   The first of which was the ensuing kickoff out of bounds by the Hawks.  BR started at their own 40. A 6-yard run by Sibble started things in motion.  Tack on the 15 yard facemask and BR was looking good. Allen had a short run, then Sibble made the first down. With time running low in the half, BR took to the skies.  A nice toss from Allen to Pforter who turned and headed up the left sideline. Trevor applying a licking to a would-be tackler before finally coming to rest at the Hawk 7.  A 4 yarder from Sibble, then a “how did he NOT get in” run had BR at 3rd and inches.  The old “Goose and Go” (That may not be the 2022 version of the call, but back in the day…) play by Allen broke the plane of the endzone for the score.  The conversion run just came up short, so Holley was ahead, 8-6, with 21 seconds left before the break.

    The Hawks’ first drive of the third quarter was a three and out with BR getting the punt at their own 29.

    Sibble for 8, then 5, then Allen for 14, Sibble again for 11 and BR was approaching the redzone.  A BIG penalty, two short runs and another 5 yard flag pushed BR back to the midfield stripe.  On 3rd and 27 Allen rolled to his left, flipped a little pass to Davison.  Maddox had escaped the attention of the Hawks and was able to take it the distance for the score.  Again, the PAT was stopped short but BR had taken the lead 12-8.

    The BR D was stout on the next series.  Pforter, Mitchell, and Day making the primary stops leading to the 4th down play.  A nifty break up on the pass by Davison turned the ball back to the Wolverines at the Hawk 44.  Sibble went for 6 then 24 to put the Wolverines close. Allen went for 4 to the 10 yard line.  A false start pushed it back.  Sibble for 8 then 7 and the score.  Allen called his own number on the sweep for the deuce, BR 20-8.

    A fumble on the kickoff was finally corralled by Davison at the Hawk 18, Sibble went for 8 yards before the quarter ended.  At the school end of the field, Allen for 4 yards, Sibble for 5 then Allen took it over for the score.  The PAT pass fell incomplete but with the score 26-8 early in the 4th things were looking pretty comfortable for the Wolverines.

    Hold that thought.

    On the ensuing kickoff, the returner who had trouble with the previous kickoff, had no problems on this one, escaping a tackle or two before breaking the contain on the right and going the distance on a 72 yard return.  They added the 2 pointer and quick as a wink they were within 10 of the lead.

    BR could not get on the ensuing onside kickoff, so Holley took over at the BR 48 with plenty of momentum  and plenty time left on the clock.

    A couple of short runs preceded a 31 yard scoring toss from their QB to the kid who had the kickoff return minutes before.  This time the PAT was nearly picked by BR.  The score had arrived at the final number 26-22, but with so much time still left in the game, no one would have thought that.

    BR was a little better prepared but equally unsuccessful for another onside kick.  The Hawks began to move. Tackles by Allen, Sibble, and Mitchell forced a 4th and short.  On the play, the third Hawk fumble of the night was recovered by BR in the middle of a pig pile, Allen coming out of the mess with the ball.

    Sibble had five straight runs that resulted in two BR first downs. The Hawks used their time outs, in hopes that they would get the ball back.  That never came to pass, as three more Sibble runs ended the contest.

    Statistically, SIbble had 184 yards on 29 carries and a score.  Allen had 44 yards for 2 scores and a 2 pointer.  He also had 88 yards passing.  56 yards on two balls to Davison with a score and 32 to Pforter on 2 catches, the one catch instrumental in getting BR on the scoreboard.

    Defensively (and again these are unofficial and incomplete) Allen led with 10 tackles, Mitchell and Day were next both in on 6 stops.

    In closing, during BR’s game ending drive, one of the Hawk players was injured. I understand he was eventually taken to the hospital.  I have no other information but do know that from my vantage point it looked as if it might be serious.  On behalf of the BR community, we wish the young man a speedy recovery and certainly hope for the best for him and his family.