• The Wolverines improved to 2-0 on the season with a convincing 44-8 win over the Lions in Wellsville.  If memory serves this was BR’s first trip over the Summit to square off with the Lions in 15 years.  The Wolverines scored early and often, jumping out to the big advantage.   In one of those “only in high school kinds of things”, all the scoring was done by intermission. 

    The Wolverines were jumpstarted when Trey Buchholz returned the opening kick to the Lion 47.  From there, BR went ‘ground and pound’ working the ball down the field with runs by Buchholz, Caden Allen and Tavyn MacDonell. Tavyn pushing it in from a yard out.  Trey adding the deuce with a sweep to the right, just getting to the pylon on the goal line.

    Following the kickoff, Wellsville started on their own 37. First down pass attempt was swatted down by Trevor Pforter at the line. The Wolverines gifted the home side a fiver via offsides.  From there Wellsville managed one first down out to the midfield stripe. They then hooked up on a floater that just eluded the BR DB, securing 25 yards for the Lions to the Wolverine 25. From there, the Lions went into reverse.  MacDonell stuffed a run at the line.  Zack Mitchell recorded a sack for a loss of one.  On 3rd and long, a bad snap moved the line of scrimmage back to the 40.  As a pair of Wellsville’s finest fans, who were seated nearby,  noted, the QB, while doing a fine job to collect the bad snap, probably should have passed the ball to the Wellsville cheerleaders to save yardage.   I have to figure he was thinking “Oh sugar, Oh Sugar, they’re chasing me!!!” or words to that effect.  On 4th and a whole bunch, the desperation toss fell incomplete turning the ball back to BR at their own 40.

    A pair of runs from Allen picked up a first.  A swing pass from Allen to Buchholz got 7 more.  Then Allen fought through the left side of the line and took off running for 36, getting caught just short of paydirt at the 3.  MacDonell picked him up, taking it the rest of the way for the score.  A hold on BR on the original 2 point try took the points off the board and proved to be more than the Wolverines could overcome on that try.  BR 14-0, with still a lot of time in the first.

    MacDonell’s kickoff hugged the sideline for a bit until the Lions returner scooped it up and inadvertently stepped out before going anywhere, burying the hosts at their own 16.  MacDonell had a tackle for a loss, then two incompletes set up 4th and 12.  Don’t mean to question any coaching, though that Is exactly what I am about to do, but from their own 16 the Lions tried a fake punt which BR was not fooled by as Mitchell stopped the runner after only a three yard gain. BR’s ball on the Lion 19.  I probably would have saved that play for another time and place, but that is why I am up in the stands!

    MacDonell and Allen combined to pick up a first down before the end of the quarter.  Following the change of ends, Buchholz got a short gainer, a penalty on the Lions followed, and MacDonell had another short TD score. Allen worked the ball across the line for the 2, BR 22-0.

    Fantastic coverage on the kickoff once again had the Lions looking at a lengthy field from their own 15.  The Lions’ coaches called time out to figure things out.  And that didn’t seem to do the trick, as the sequence of plays that followed: false start, incompletion, short completion, offensive holding and another incompletion to set up 4th and 15.  This time they were prudent in kicking the ball away, Buchholz making a diving catch of the ball at the Lion 37. 

    Allen, Buchholz, MacDonell, Buchholz, Allen got the ball to the 4.  A hold on BR, then an offside on the Lions and finally MacDonell took it over, this time from 8 out.   Allen’s flip to Kingston Loucks for the pair and it was 30 – 0, visitors.

    MacDonell’s kickoff was dribbled around a bit before being picked up, but the Wolverine coverage team hemmed in the return at the Lion 15, yet again. Allen made a tackle for a negative 1.  An incompletion had things looking dire for the Lions.  Then lightning struck as they made a hookup for 86 and the score, as the Lion receiver got behind the coverage and out raced everyone for touchdown.  A keeper got them the 2, to make it 30-6.

    Another good return from Buchholz gave BR a nice start at their 40. Loucks got 5, MacDonell 7, Allen 18. Allen hooked up with Pforter for 22 and BR first and goal. MacDonell got half of them, then Allen called his own number for the rest and TD. MacDonell got the 2 on a run to push the score to 38-8.

    The ensuing Lion series was hamstrung from the start as once again the ball was not fielded cleanly as well as a penalty on the return and the Lions were backed up to almost their own goal line. Incomplete, incomplete, short run and they were looking at 4th and 5.  Again rather than punting the ball away (maybe they were fearful of a blocked punt TD?), they chose to go for it.  It looked like Aiden Smith came up with the big run stuffing three yard loss on the play.

    Turnover on downs and BR started 5 yards from scoring.  The boys made it an adventure, though.  Short run by Mitchell. A no gain and a negative play and BR had 4th and goal at the 7.  Allen tossed to Maddox Davison for the score. The conversion attempt was not a thing of beauty and unsuccessful as the gun went for halftime BR 44-8.

    With the score as tilted as it was, the hope was to play out the string keeping everyone on both sides healthy and maybe get some of the younger players in for some seasoning.  Well, pretty much check, check, and check.  No, I am not testing the PA system!

    The Lions did get close on their first series after the break. Several completed balls and they were down to the BR 4. A pair of short runs and an equally short completion only moved them a little. Tackles by Smith, Allen, Roman Johnston, MacDonell, Brian Learn and Mitchell, among others in the defensive stand. A delay of game call, following an early time out pushed them back even farther.  4th and goal and a nice breakup of the pass attempt turned the ball over on downs.

    What worked in the first half was continued in the second half. Allen, MacDonell, Buchholz, Mitchell for a change of pace, had BR moving. Wellsville used their 2nd timeout of the third quarter, right before Allen tossed to Loucks for 23 and a first.  Loucks made a nice leaping catch on the ball. A short run by MacDonell ended the quarter.   While it wasn’t “officially” called, it seemed as if maybe the clock was more or less running.

    Starting the final quarter, a miscue on a toss sweep turned the ball over at the Lion 35.  

    The Lion series after the turnover was ineffective as Mitchell turned in a couple of nice plays and a dropped ball on 4th down turned it back to the Wolverines at the Lion 40.  BR took a step back on a false start, as a few fresh faces came into the contest. Davison had a nice run for 9.  A few short BR runs then the BR version of “Oh sugar, oh sugar” and the ball turned over again.

    A couple of completions and then a couple of penalties had the Lions on a yardage yo- yo as they were scrambling to get some more points before the final gun. 

    While a few Wolverines appeared a little dinged up, it seemed maybe they just needed some Gatorade as word is much of the problems were cramping in nature.   Which is good news, as BR will need all hands on deck and then some as they come home next week, THURSDAY NIGHT to square off with the defending state champs in the 8 man football, the Pembroke Dragons.  The Dragons have many of their players returning from last year, so BR will have their hands full.  This is the first chance BR will have to test out the newly reconditioned and cleaned turf.  Reconditioned and cleaned following the July 3rd, deluge in town.

    Why the Thursday night game, you ask?  The dearth of officials in the area has necessitated that weekends are no longer only Friday night lights.

    The Sports Boosters are looking for helpers to work the gates and sell 50-50s.  Not sure who to contact but maybe call the school next week and you’ll be directed accordingly, if you’d like to help.  

    Also, the new policy does not allow parking along the creek side road.  All parking should be behind the stadium, near the old bus garage, or out in front of the school.   Hope to see you there.


    The stats for the Lions game: BR had 22 first downs to the Lions 8. BR held a big edge on the ground 254 to 12.  Though The Lions reversed that through the air, 264 to 60.  BR held a 13-minute advantage in time of possession.

    Rushing leaders Allen had 120 yards, a TD, and a 2 pt. conversion.

    MacDonell had 84 yards with 4 scores and one conversion.  

    Buchholz went for 24 tough yards and picked up one of the 2 pointers.

    Allen threw 6 for 6 for 62 yards, a touchdown to Davison and a conversion to Loucks.

    Receiving the ball, Loucks had a grab for 23, Pforter had one for 22, Daivson had the 7 yard score.  Buchholz caught a pair totaling 8 yards.

    The defensive stats, as we have noted many times before, are a dicey problem proposition at this juncture, and made “official” following film review by the coaches.  I, however, had Mitchell leading the way with 7.5 tackles with a sack.  MacDonell in on 5 stops as was Loucks.  A few pass breakups that I had noted, Pforter with the swat down at the line early on, Buchholz had one in the second quarter, and Ayden Music had one in the endzone in the late going.   There were probably others that I missed, but, a solid game in all areas for the Wolverines on  this night.