• Painful.  

    Gut wrenching. 


    Un-(insert random syllables here if you choose)- believable! 

    BR dropped a 24-22 decision to the visiting Caldonia-Mumford/Byron Bergen Raiders on Friday night.  It appeared the boys had the game won but a last second Hail Mary that was tipped by a BR defender, hung up long enough for the Raider receiver to catch it in the endzone for the score and the win.

    The loss drops BR to even on the season at 2-2.  It also evened the Raiders’ record but they will have the upper hand should things boil down to tie-breakers come playoff time.

    BR started with the ball at their own 25 following Trey Buchholz’s return. An 8 yard run by Trey, a 14 yard pickup by Tavyn MacDonell, short runs by Tavyn and Caden Allen put the ball on the other side of the 50.  Tavyn took the pitch from Trey on the reverse, around the left side of the offense and went the distance. Trey Caught the right side pylon for the 2 point try and BR was off and running 8-0 less than three minutes in.

    Charlie Militello made a touchdown saving tackle on the kickoff, but the Raiders were in business on the BR 40. The visitors didn’t get much going as solid D by MacDonell, Allen, Aiden Smith, Zach Mitchell had them at 4th and 9.  A nice tackle by Mitchell stopped them short of the line to gain, BR ball.  

    The Wolverines appeared to be poised to score again, a few short runs and a nice toss from Allen to Trevor Pforter moved them all the way to the Raider 35.  A no gainer, a short run, and a couple of incompletes and the ball was going back the other way.

    The Raiders made their way down the field, helped immensely by a 52 yard completion down the right sideline, Trey making the TD saving tackle at the BR 15. As it was, it only delayed the scoring a little bit.

    After switching ends at the quarter, one play, one yard, one score for the Raiders.  Brian Learn and others made the stop on the 2 point try, preserving BR’s lead 8-6.

    BR went nowhere on their ensuing drive  being forced to punt on a three and out.  The punt settling at the Raider 49.

    The Raiders were nickel and diming things as they worked down the field.  Short gains with solid D by BR's usual suspects making plays.  Mitchell, MacDonell, Allen, Buchholz, etc. keeping the Raiders at bay.  A 4th down pass was incomplete, giving the ball back to BR at their own 27.

    From there, seven yard run by Tavyn, another short one by him, Allen for 3, Allen to MacDonell on a pass for 8.  Allen on a nice throw and catch to Buchholz for 39 to the Raider 15.  Another toss to Pforter for 9.  A couple of blasts by MacDonell and BR was in the zone again.  The PAT pass was incomplete, but BR had stretched their lead to 14-6.

    After a short kickoff, Allen picked off the Raider QB, returning the ball to the Raider 39.  BR had a couple of plays but eventually ran out of time in the half.

    After intermission, the visitors took the kickoff and with some big chunk runs moved right down the field scoring on a 7 yard run.  Once more their PAT try was stuffed. BR still in the lead 14-12.

    BR’s next possession looked as if it would bear fruit.  Starting from their own 34, the Wolverines marched down to the Raider 21 thanks to runs by MacDonell, Allen and Buchholz.   A pass attempt while under duress was picked by the Raiders inside the 10, the interceptor tapping the toes down in bounds to complete the play.  

    The Raiders found themselves on the move again, , though a big play was wiped out by a hold before the quarter ended.  Continuing on, CMBB moved forward with some big plays. 13 yard run, 14 yard completion, 16 yard pass, etc. until finally a 17yard run into the endzone for 6.  Once again BR’s defense prevented the 2-point conversion, but the visitors had taken the lead, 18-14, with about 6 minutes left in the game.

    Starting from their own 24, following the kickoff, BR began what would hopefully be the winning drive.  Buchholz for 8.  MacDonell for 10, Caden for 3 then 13 then 5 more.  Tavyn for 6 and another first down at the 30.  Trey for 4, Allen for 6 and a first.  A BR hold took away a good play and pushed the team back to the 24.  Allen to Maddox Davison for the score. Tavyn added the 2 for the 22-18 BR lead with about a minute and change left.

    A good kickoff and nifty tackle by Mitchell left the Raiders at their own 29 with 55 seconds to go. A short pass and short run were enough for a new set of downs. Things were a little weird from there.  A completion moved the ball deep into BR territory with scant seconds left. However, it was deemed the Raiders were guilty of an illegal shift or something.  After MUCH discussion the ball was moved back into Raider territory, 33 seconds were put back up on the clock.  A few too many in retrospect!

     A tackle from behind by Tavyn for only two yards when it looked like more was possible.  That play was more or less negated by what the officials deemed was some taunting on BR’s part. A 14-yard completion put the ball at the BR 30.  Another short toss moved it five more. A nice breakup of a pass by Buchholz with 5 ticks left and 3rd and ball game from the BR 25.  AAAANNNDDD, refer back to the beginning of this recap.

    All in all, a pretty well-played game that had a bit of just about everything.  Good offense, good defense, some hard plays, maybe a little chippiness, what the heck, a little controversy (that whatever call in the 4th).  It had everything except the BR win. 

    Tavyn had 121 and two scores on the ground for BR.  Allen contributed 60 yards.

    Through the air, Allen completed 6 passes for 112 and a TD.

    Buchholz caught one for 39, Pforter had two grabs for 37, Davison had a pair for 28 and the score.

    Unofficial defensive counts, Mitchell was in on 11 stops, MacDonell 10 and Allen 9.  Tavyn registered a sack and Allen had a pick.

    The boys will need a short memory as they are back at it next Friday for the homecoming game against Red Jacket, game at 7.