• In a game equally as thrilling as the last contest, but with a much more favorable outcome, BR won homecoming 36-24 over the Red Jacket Football Squad.  The school has apparently been unable to come up with a mascot following the state mandated change.  The Wolverines came back from 10 down in the final quarter, scoring 22 for the victory. 

    The boys can enjoy the rest of homecoming weekend and have a bye coming next week.  Their next time on the field will be on October 13th against Holley.  That will be Senior Night and there are a lot of seniors that will be celebrated then.

    In Friday’s see saw contest, BR had a set of HUGE plays to help the cause.  Statistically, BR was fairly well- balanced rushing and passing the ball (124 and 112).  The visitors stats were heavily on the ground and in time of possession.  And there was a week’s worthy of laundry on the field throughout the contest.

    BR received the opening kick and struggled.  Surrendering the ball on downs at their own 43.  On Red Jacket’s first down play, Zach Mitchell stuffed a run after a minimal gain. An incomplete pass and the first of the afore-mentioned pieces of cloth hit the turf and moved them farther back. A seven-yard sack by Tavyn MacDonell on third down forced RJ into a 4th and very long.  They lined up as if they were going to go for it, only to quick kick the punt.  And what a punt it was, rolling out of bounds at the BR 4.

    Apparently, it was just what the Wolverines needed?! They took off on a 96-yard drive, completed after the quarter change. Along the way we had offsides by the D, a run of 8 and then 4 by Caden Allen.   A 5 yard run by MacDonell. Caden for three more.  Allen to MacDonell on the toss for 11 to the BR 40. Trey Buchholz for 17 around the left side of the offense. Tack on 15 on a face mask on the tackle and BR was to the RJ 30.  The Wolverines gave back the penalty yards and then Allen was sacked back to the visitors’ 45.  Tavyn picked up 17 then 7 to set up 4th and short.  He then got the call on a tough sledding 3-yard gain for a fresh set of downs. Allen went for 4, then Trey for 6 and a first down and the end of the scoreless first.

     After the switch of ends, now heading towards the school, Tavyn got 4 yards to the 4.  Allen kept it for the score to complete the long drive.  He kept it one more time for the 2 pointer and early in the 2nd quarter, BR was up 8-0.

    Red Jacket came right back and moved it down the field finishing with a long TD run and the 2 point equalizer. 

    BR went three and out on their next possession.  Red Jacket did as well, punting the ball back to BR at their own 40.

    A first down holding call made things worse for the home squad.  It would seem on this night BR relished the difficult.  On 2nd and 20 from their own 30, Allen dropped a strike into Kingston Loucks who out paced and out raced everyone in a white shirt going the full 70 for the score.  The sweep on the 2 point try came up a tad short, BR 14-8.

    The teams traded punts to wind time down in the first half.

    Following the break, Red Jacket received the kick and were able to chip their way down the field.  Defensively for BR, tackles were made by MacDonell, Trevor Pforter, Buchholz, Mitchell, Allen, among others.  Red Jacket had one long gainer erased by an illegal man down field call.  BR replied 2 plays later with a pass interference flag. Still the visitors from Shortsville (that’s the name of the town where the school is located, in case you were unaware) plodded along. A 4th and 2, they picked up a bunch to the BR 19.  Tavyn had a tackle for a loss back to the 22.  From there, paydirt for the visitors. Add the 2 and just like that 16-14 not BR.

    Red Jacket tried some trickeration on the kick, hitting a little squibber up the middle.  Mitchell alertly noticed it wasn’t their usual kicker back there doing the honors and Zach was waiting for it, falling on the ball at midfield. 

    BR, however, was unable to take advantage of the great field position, going three and out once again and kicking the ball away, with RJ taking over at their 34.

    They looked ready to move it again.  A “really big play stopping” tackle by Brian Learn was the first down play. Some good defensive stops by MacDonell, Mitchell, and Charlie Militello along with yet another big play erasing holding call, brought up 3rd and long.  Loucks made the stop after a gain of 6, forcing a punt.  The punt rolled out at the BR 25.

    Disaster struck on BR’s first play, a tipped pass was picked by the Red Jacket everything man at the BR 30. A hold (again) backed them up 10 with a 9 yard run being the last play of the 3rd, still BR was looking at a 2 point deficit, though not for long.

    After the change of ends, Allen made a solid play on 2nd and long. An incompletion brought up 4th and long at BR’s 27. A pass down the middle just missed two BR DBs and landed in the arms of a Red Jacket receiver (there were 2 in the area).  Eerily similar to the last play last week.  A keeper for the two pointer and BR was looking at a sizeable hill to climb, on the short end of 24-14.

    That score wasn’t on the board for long, though, as on the ensuing kickoff, Trey Buchholz collected the ball at the BR 20, found a seam to the left got some room near midfield, then cut back to his right.  “Chicken Legs” carried on, going the distance for the score.  Not sure if that nickname will be immortalized in Canton, like Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch, but it certainly will be lore in BR.  The 2-point try was stuffed, so BR was still on the low end of a 24-20 score.

    Another shortish kickoff from BR gave Red Jacket good field position to start a drive and maybe run out the clock?  They methodically moved along, getting the ball to the BR 16, then things went in reverse for RJ.  After an injury timeout, they were flagged twice in a row.  Once for illegal substitution, as a kid was sprinting off the field at the snap.  Then for, yep, holding.  An incompletion made it 3rd and forever.  They tried a “pitchy, pitchy, woo, woo” (Scott Van Pelt) type play that only backed them up farther.  The punt, unlike the first quarter punt, stayed in bounds just long enough to reach the endzone, giving the Wolverines the ball at their own 20, with about 6 minutes on the clock.

    Trey got 1.  Allen 3.  A hard count offsides made it 3rd and short.  Goose and go by Allen for first down.  Tavyn had a short run going and looked to be stopped or minimal gain.  Continuing to work, he escaped the crowd, hopped one kid and went the distance.  BUT, there at about the 45 was a bit of yellow.  A holding call on BR that my guess would be didn’t need to happen/ didn’t affect the play, brought it ALL the way back to the BR 35. Time was now under 5 minutes. Following an incompletion, Tavyn had an 11 yard run.  Allen hooked up with Loucks on a dart, Kingston heading toward the left sideline before being pushed out at the Red Jacket 25.  MacDonell had 2 runs, to gain a first down to the 15.  BR timeout. Two runs by Allen for another BR 1st at the 5.  MacDonell went the final 5 for the score.  Allen found his favorite receiver on this night, Loucks, who made a nice layout catch of the conversion pass. BR was now up 28-24.  

    At this point, the Eeyore in my head was saying this looked a HECK of a lot like last week!  On top of that, the ensuing kickoff rolled out of bounds, affording Red Jacket great field position at their 40. ARRRGH!

    On the first play, Mitchell perfectly read the little sideline, screen like pass, stepped in front of the receiver, at their 43, picked the ball, headed towards the school, made one would be tackler miss and joyously crossed into the endzone. MacDonell ran for the 2 past the stunned Red Jacket defenders, BR 36-24 and seconds on the clock.  The visitors managed a couple of plays before the final horn.

    As is BR tradition at the homecoming game, Offensive and Defensive Wolverines of the game are selected.  Several deserving candidates, on both sides of the ball, following this one.  The O player of the game, was awarded to Caden Allen while on the D side of the ball, Tavyn MacDonell took the hardware.

    For the numbers nerds:

    MacDonell led the BR rushers with 70 yards , a TD and a deuce. Allen had 28 and also a TD and 2 pointer.

    Loucks caught a pair for 98 yards one score and one very important 2 point try.

    Allen’s passing three completes for 112 yards also the pass to Loucks for the 2.

    And of course, Chicken Legs on the kickoff return and Mitch with the Pick 6. 

    All facets of the game contributing.


    As mentioned at the top, BR is off next weekend for the three-day (is it still Columbus Day? Canadian Thanksgiving let’s say) weekend.  They will pick it up again on Friday the 13th, hosting the Holley Hawks for senior night.