• BR finished the unusual run of 4 straight home games with a 44-6 besting of the Holley Hawks.  The Hawks have been bit hard by the injury bug of late, so it is fair to say they weren’t at full strength.  However, BR still controlled just about every aspect of this one.  Coach Smith was able to clear the bench to finish out the contest and the “reserves” accounted well for themselves.

    The Hawks won the toss and deferred to the second half. Trey Buchholz had a nice return to bring the ball to the BR 46. Two plays later Tavyn MacDonell went the distance for the score.  A bit of trickery on the two point try but it proved successful (sorry, I couldn’t get the number from up in the booth) for the Wolverines to go up 8-0 very early.

    The Hawks went three and out on their possession, punting the ball away.

    Buchholz had another nifty return of 21 yards giving BR the ball in enemy territory at the 44.  BR was unable to use the field position for the good as on 2nd down, the Hawk DB made a great read and pick of a BR pass at the Holley 30.

    On their second go ‘round the Hawks started to move the ball.  Runs were chipping away at yardage and first downs.  A long completion on 3rd and 9, had them set up on the BR 29.  A run stuffed by Kingston Loucks fo r minimal gain, two incomplete passes brought about 4th and long.  A scramble by the Hawk QB was stopped shrot by Zack Mitchell, turning the ball over on downs at the BR 22.

    MacDonell carried the bulk of the load as the Wolverines meandered their way into the Hawk Red Zone.  Another turnover by BR, though, as the ball was stripped away while the Wolverine runner was inside the 10, gave Holley possession with a long field to go.  One play brought about a change of ends at the quarter mark.  BR 8-0.

    Holley earned one first down despite some fine tackles by Mitchell. A holding call moved them backwards. On 2nd and long, BR was flagged for a personal foul, I guess it was for hitting the defenseless receiver type of call.  In high school, a personal foul is NOT an automatic first down (not sure why not?). The Hawks worked another first, out to the 29.  Two short yardage runs stopped by Mitchell and Militello and Mitchell and Trevor Pforter preceded a third down incompletion.  The punting unit was on the field once again for the visitors.  Picking up the ball at his own 40, Buchholz almost broke one, being brought down at the Holley 17, following the 43 yard return. Staying with a hot hand, two runs by Chicken Legs made it 3rd and short.  A sack moved BR back to the 14.  On 4th down, Caden Allen hooked up with Kingston Loucks for the score. Loucks getting into the endzone untouched, much to the loud chagrin of the Holley Coach.  The 2 point try was stopped just short of the goal line, BR 14-0 early in the 2nd quarter.

    The Hawks again were three and out on their series.  Stops by MacDonell, Allen, Militello, and Mitchell forced another punt.  This time they punted away from Buchholz with the ball rolling out at the BR 35.

    A short pass from Allen to MacDonell started the drive. Chunks of yardage for BR followed.  Tavyn for 8, Allen for 9 then 7 more.  Back to MacDonell for 8 more and BR was to the Holley 32 and forced a “basketball timeout” from the visitors. Coming out of the timeout, short runs by Buchholz, then Allen, and then BR called time.  Two runs by Trey, then a 4 yarder from Allen and BR was down to the 8. Another BR timeout.  Whatever they drew up, worked to perfection as Allen went in for the score.  On the two point try, BR broke out a play that I saw a few Super Bowls back, though I forget who did it.   Allen handed off to Buchholz, he went to the left stopped and flipped it back to Allen who was WIDE OPEN for the pair. 

    As was pointed out by the announcer, 22 passed the ball to make the score 22 with 22 seconds left in the first half.  BR 22-0.

    Receiving the second half kickoff, Holley probably won’t want to look at this series on the film.  A negative play stopped by Mitchell and MacDonell.  Then a 0 yardage play with fumble recovered by Maddox Davison at the Holley 34.

    A run by Buchholz, a short one by MacDonell then on 3rd and 4 MacDonell went to the left getting to  paydirt.  The two point try was squelched on a fine defensive play by the Hawks.  28-0 BR.   

    Anthony Donoghue made the stop on the kickoff leaving the Holley squad 72 yards of real estate to cover. A short run and a completion gave them a first, Mitchell on both stops.  The first down play was buried in the middle by Aiden Smith and Pforter.  A negative play with the stop by Allen and MacDonell put the Hawks in 3rd and long. They managed just enough on a chain moving pass play.  A 25 yard hookup moved them well into Wolverine territory to the 24. Two short runs with Pforter, MacDonell, and Smith all working the tackles.  Third down pass was well defended by Loucks. Loucks also disrupted the 4th down try, turnover on downs at the BR 26.

    BR took off on another scoring drive.  MacDonell and Buchholz alternated runs to get the ball to midfield. A big run by Tavyn with another 15 for a facemask on the tackle and BR was in the Red Zone once more.  Allen got it down to the 6.  Mitchell had two cracks at it to get it in the endzone.  The same successful extra point play, what WAS that Super Bowl play, I think they gave the play a special name, ah it doesn’t matter much.  Buchholz to Allen once again for the 2.  36-0, end of 3.

    BR started to liberally move people in and out of the play starting the 4th.  With some short runs stopped by Brian Learn, Smith, Roman Johnston among others, the persistent Hawks were able to get on the board, with a fine “over the wrong shoulder looking back at it” ball in the endzone for the score from 45 yards out. The two point try was unsuccessful.   BR 36-6.

    After another fine Buchholz runback, BR was out near midfield and looking to run out the clock. However, and I can only surmise this wasn’t intended, a pass to Loucks, went the distance.

    The two point try, should be sent to Sportscenter if anyone has got it on tape.  A toss from Allen to Loucks who made a falling backwards, one handed catch on the two pointer.   As the announcer exclaimed, shades of Odell Beckham Jr. on that one.  44-6.

    A deep kick by Militello on the kickoff was stopped neatly by Levi Williams.  The ensuing set of plays provided several new names a chance to get mentioned here.  Ayden Music on a stop. Calyn Todd in on a play.  Landon Rhodes working a potential touchdown stopping tackle on a pass play.  The Hawks were trying but unable to get much further along the way before the final horn.

    This was senior night and as was mentioned a few times throughout the course of the evening, the coaches of both the team and cheer squad would like to thank the players and cheerleaders for their efforts and contributions to this year’s programs, specifically, and the school community in  general.  Also, thanks to the parents, guardians, grandparents, siblings, and friends for supporting the student athletes in their endeavors.


    A round up of stats from this night: BR had 290 yards on the ground and 70 in the air.

    MacDonell had 203 yards on the ground with 2 scores.

    Allen went for 29 yards and a score.

    Mitchell had the short run for a TD.

    Allen was perfect 3 for 3 in the air, with 2 scores.

    Buchholz was perfect on the two, 2 point tries as the passer.  Buchholz also accounted for over 120 return yards from both kickoff and punt returns.

    Loucks had 70 yards receiving on 2 catches, both for scores as well as the ridiculous catch on the deuce to end the scoring.


    BR finishes the regular season as they will travel to CG Finney in Penfield, NY next Saturday to square off against the Falcons.

    It is slated for a one o’clock start.