• The Wolverines finished their regular schedule on Saturday afternoon with a big 58-18 toppling of the CG Finney/ Northstar Christian Falcons, in Penfield.  That wraps up the regular slate at 5 and 2 with sectional play awaiting.  Nothing is 100% confirmed yet, but there are suspicions of the who, when, and where.

    Saturday’s game had a few statistical anomalies in context of the large margin of victory.  BR outrushed the home side by just 40 yards, 370 vs. 330.  The Falcons had a few big plays, but the equalizer, as in many gridiron clashes, proved to be the turnover margin.  The three Falcon lost fumbles were very beneficial to the Wolverines.  In contrast, BR committed no turnovers on the breezy and damp afternoon.  The other stat that swung things BR’s way was the passing game.   BR took honors in that column 161- 0, with 2 big TDs for the Red and Black.  And there were NO punts!

    As it was “all over but the shouting” in the early going, there will be a few “newish names” coming up.

    BR kicked off to start things.  On the first play from scrimmage, the ball was on the ground and recovered by BR.  Not sure who came out of the melee with the pigskin. Maybe Maddox Davison or Tavyn MacDonell, or,… whomever, great job.  BR taking over on the Finney 32.

    Caden Allen went up the gut for 7.  MacDonell for 5 and the first. Allen for another 8.  A BR false start put it back to the 17.  Trey Buchholz wove through traffic to the endzone for the early 6.  On the PAT try, though he was not as fortunate, being stopped short of the line. 

    After the kickoff and return, the hosts started on their own 26.  One rush gained them their first 1st down.  A short run with solid tackle by Charlie Militello.  A negative play with tackle by MacDonell.  Buchholz stopped them short to bring up 4th and 3.  Unfortunately, BR gifted them a first down by jumping offsides.  They answered back with their own false start. Militello and Trevor Pforter shared a tackle for no gain. Kingston Loucks and Davison made the stop on the 2nd down run. Allen had the tackle on the 3rd down play which pushed the ball into BR territory.  MacDonell blew up the 4th down try, dropping the runner for negative yards, turning the ball back to BR at the 50.

    One play, one pass, one REALLY WIDE-OPEN RECEIVER, and BR scored again.  Allen tossed to Loucks and the only one close to him was the back judge.  Loucks going the distance for the score.  Allen passed to Pforter on the “cherry picker” for the 2.  BR 14-0, with time still to go in the first quarter.

    Loucks made a run of plays in the next sequence.  Starting with the tackle on the kickoff.  I had him then make a tackle for a loss, then again following a minimal gain, then recovering fumble number 2 from the Falcons, giving BR the ball at the Falcon 47.

    Allen then Tavyn had small gains each, before Bucholz took off again on a 40 yard scamper for the score. BR tried the half back option pass back but the pass fell incomplete, BR 20-0 still in the first.

    Short runs were brought down by Militello then Zach Mitchell leaving the Falcons with 3rd and medium near the 50.  A little run was brought down short of the line, but the referees not wearing stripes called for and were granted a facemask penalty which gave up 15 yards.  From my vantage point it looked like a high tackle but not facemask involvement, but… one more play before the quarter, Allen stopping a 2 yard gain.

    Starting the quarter, a run for -2 was led out of bounds, a two yarder stopped by Allen and Militello.  On 4th and 8, some pressure up the middle forced an errant throw from the quarterback, for the turnover on downs at the BR 38.

    Allen went for 3. A backwards play brought up 3rd and 10.  Allen tossed to Loucks in traffic, good for 5, to bring about 4th and 5.  Allen then induced offsides and first down.  MacDonell went for 17 then 5. A completion Allen to Loucks picked up another first and BR was on the edge of the Redzone. A short gain by Buchholz.  Then, MacDonell went 18 for the score.   Buchholz to Allen on the extra point try was good this time, BR 28-0. 

    The Falcons started on their own 32 after a fine kick coverage tackle by Calyn Todd.  Aiden Smith plugged up the middle for a short gain.  Finney picked up a first over the course of a pair of runs despite some fine play by Loucks, Buchholz, Pforter, and Davison.  On 3rd and 2 from the BR 47, the hand off went right then the runner went left eluding the BR defense and putting points on the board for the home team.  The PAT was squelched by Allen, BR 28-6.

    The ensuing kickoff went out of bounds, giving BR great field position at their 40.  From there, a run by Militello, then Allen, then MacDonell for the first down. A 16 yard hookup, Allen to Buchholz and it looked like BR was on their way to more scoring.  A couple of incompletes and a five yard run by MacDonell made for 4th and 5. Allen picked up the first on a seven yard run. Then another 6 to the Finney 9.  Following a timeout, BR was in the endzone, however, that was rubbed out by a “dubious” hold on the outside.  BR couldn’t come back from that, turning the ball over on downs.  There was time for but a few plays from the Falcons before the halftime horn.

    In the first 1:20 of game time in the second half, there were three touchdowns scored.

    BR received the kick to start things.  The kick went deep, and Buchholz played it from the 8 once it was clear it wasn’t going out of bounds as the earlier kick had.  Trey made one move toward his right, got a great helper block from (sorry missed the number) then Ol’ Chicken Legs grew wings as he flew, untouched down the left sideline going the distance to the score.  MacDonell pushed his way in for the 2 and BR extended their lead to 36-6.

    BR’s kick was fallen upon at the Falcon 32.  A short run, stopped by MacDonell and Pforter, then a run for 9 going out of bounds at the Falcon 43. And from there a 57-yard run for the Falcons’ second score.  The PAT was stopped again, this time by the hands of Mitchell.

    The ensuing kick rolled to the endzone for the touchback.

    One play, one pass, one REALLY WIDE-OPEN RECEIVER, and BR scored again.  Allen tossed to Loucks and the only one close to him was the back judge.  Loucks going the distance for the score. 

    Yes, CTRL-C.  One of my few “technology” skills. 

    This time the hookup on the play went the full 80.  On the PAT, the rarely seen “tackle reverse” by Garry Cantopenmylocker.  As the coaches described it, prancing into the endzone like NFL Hall of Famer, Lance “Bambi” Alworth for the 44-12 BR bulge.

    Miltello made a potential touchdown-saving tackle on the kickoff near midfield. The Falcons worked a few first downs before turning it back to BR.  The usual suspects of defenders making plays.  Allen, Loucks, MacDonell, Buchholz, Mitchell, Smith.  With Militelo making the stop at the 15 for 4th and 5 for the hosts.  An incompletion turned it back to BR.

    A short run by Allen with a 5-yard facemask tacked on moved it to the 22. Buchholz went for 10 to the 32.   Another run by Buchholz making one man miss before going 68 for the score. Loucks got the 2 pointer on the ground as BR reached a full deck of cards. 52-12.

    The Falcons started making headway again following the kick and lengthy return to their 47.  Three runs and they had a first down.  An 11 yard run as the runner cut back to his left where there was some spaces in the BR D.  Next play, same thing, but in his struggle to get a few more yards, the ball was knocked away and this time (I am more sure of it, though I could still be wrong) Davison on the recovery.

    Militello picked up 5 as the quarter ended.

    The 4th quarter started the same way the 3rd ended.  Militello for a short gain.  On 4th and 2, Allen made 4 on the bigbackbooty buster push up the middle.  Calyn Todd picked up a short gain, but the Falcons were flagged as the tackler went WWE body slam on Calyn.  Good for 15 for BR and a chewing out by the Finney coach.

    Landen Rhodes on a minimal gain. Militello strung three carries together to get the ball to the Falcon 35. 

    Allen was sacked on a miscommunication play for 2nd and long. Levi Williams picked up 3.  Todd went for three more.  But on 4th and 8, the pass fell incomplete.  The Falcons gaining possession on their 29. 

    Alex Clark forced the runner out after a short run.  Smith and Brain Learn combined on the next play, though the Falcons earned the first. Learn made the next takedown after a gain of 4.  An incompletion, then Smith and Anthony Donoghue combined for the next stop, however Finney earned a first on the play.  A sweeper and a sizable gain with Todd on the stop.  Rhodes made the next stop from the linebacker spot for 2nd and 5.  Roman Johnston blew up the next play dropping the runner for a 5-yard loss.  The third down run made up much of the yardage needed before the Finney QB kept it for himself and worked his way to paydirt.  Clarkie on the cornerback blitz forced a rushed throw and incompletion on the two-point try.  BR 52-18.

    Another touchback on the kick as they kicked away from Buchholz. BR was hoping to run out the clock. That didn’t necessarily go as planned.  Todd for a short run, a negative play and BR was looking at 3rd and long.  Another chance for Todd, who looked to be stopped well short of the line to gain, but he broke out of the scrum and took off down the right side.   Going 83 yards and getting to the endzone, with just enough room to spare before he got caught.  The 2-point try, also didn’t go as planned, BR 58-18.

    Finney got the ball back with minimal time left.  Their attempts to get some stats for a few of their younger players fell incomplete, but they kept plugging away.

    On the stat sheet, Buchholz very economically had 134 yards on 6 carries good for 3 scores.  He also had the 92 yard kick return score, caught a ball for 16 yards, threw a pass for a 2 point conversion, made sandwiches for the team, did some homework on the sidelines.  Okay, the last two, not true!  But he had a ball game!

    Todd good for 87 yards and a score.

    MacDonell got 69 yards for a TD and a 2.

    Allen completed 5 for 161 and two scores.  He also completed a two-point throw.

    Allen’s two scoring throws both went to Kingston Loucks, 50 and 80 yards.  King also ran in a PAT.

    Pforter rounded out BR’s score sheet catching a 2 point try.


    Defensive stats, as I have mentioned in previous scribblings, are unofficial, at best.   I had MacDonell and Loucks in on 7.5 tackles with Mitchell in for a half dozen.   The fumble recoveries were just guess work.


    It would appear that BR will be hosting Cal Mum/ Byron Bergen on Friday the 27th (I suppose) at 7.

    Tune in here (how old does THAT sound) to see if anything changes.


    Finally, congratulations to the Boys Soccer team as they carried on in their Sectional playoffs with a 2-0 win over the top seeded Bradford/ Dundee squad.   I am REALLY not clued in on their next step.