• There would be no miracle finish this time. 

    The Wolverines scored early and often on Friday night, toppling the Caledonia-Mumford/Byron Bergen Raiders, 40-15.  The win not only allows BR to advance to the finals of the Section V Eight Man Classification, but also avenges that heartbreaker from September where CMBB won on the buzzer beater Hail Mary.   

    For their efforts, BR will next face defending state champs, the Pembroke Dragons, who were lopsided winners as well on Friday.  That game is scheduled for Friday November 3rd at 7.  Section V has determined that it will be played at Pittsford-Sutherland.  Ticketing details will be following in the coming week.

    Recapping the Semi-Final clash:

    BR took the statistical battle 329 yards versus 264 for the visitors.  BR also won the turnover battle 3-0.

    The Wolverines had two runners break the century mark for the game, Tavyn MacDonell and Trey Buchholz. So, bonus points for you Fantasy Football players.  Just kidding, if you are playing fantasy football for high school ball, then you might have a problem!

    BR took the opening kick and Buchholz was oh so close to breaking it, getting it out to the BR 41.  Trey then picked up 16 on back to back runs which moved the ball to the CM 43. Caden Allen took a couple of plays for 8 then 6.  Back to Trey for 9.  MacDonell finally got his hands on it for a first down earning push.  Allen, MacDonell then Allen again for a fresh set of downs at the Raider 7.  MacDonell got his first score of the night on the sweep to the right.  Buchholz replicated the play for the 2 pointer and BR was up 8-0 with 8 minutes left in the first.

    The Raiders took over on their 30 following Charlie Militello’s kickoff, Allen making the stop. A 0 yard play stopped by Aiden Smith in the middle. False start on the offense backed them up.  An incompletion, Kingston Loucks on the break up followed a very early Raider timeout.   The Raiders were punting the ball away.  Buchholz returned it to the BR 42.

    MacDonell went for 11 then 6.  Allen picked up a second first with a run of 4 to the Raider 21.  Short runs left BR at 4th and 4 on the 13.  Allen got the first 9, then said what the heck, let’s finish the drive, going the final 4 for the six pointer.  Allen completed to Loucks for the 2 pointer and BR was up 16-0 with time still left in the first.

    Militello’s kick went into the endzone for the touchback.  The Raiders got off 2 minimal runs with tackles by Zach Mitchell and Militello to end the frame.  Following the reversal of ends, Allen stuffed the third down run forcing another punt from the visitors the ball rolling out at the BR 44.  A pitch to MacDonell and he went to the left,  gained some tough yards to the Raider 45 ….but wait, he wasn’t done, nor was he down, escaping the cluster, Tavyn went the distance for his second of the night.  This time the Pat was squelched by the visitors.

    Another great kick and coverage by the kickoff squad, forced the Raiders to start at their own 29.   Consecutive negative yardage plays brought about 3rd and long.   A little flip to their fullback, who had eluded the BR coverage, gained 13 and enough for the first down.  A big run with a cutback to the left put the Raiders in business at the BR 20.  A series of short runs with tacklers being Allen, Mitchell, Trevor Pforter, and Loucks, and the Raiders were knocking.  A 4th down toss to the endzone was broken up by Loucks (again) turning the ball back to BR.

    Allen went 4, MacDonell for 11. Allen threw the receiver screen to Buchholz on the left wing, good for 16 and moving the chains.  A couple of short runs and a false start by the Wolverines brought about 3rd and 11.  Allen rolled to his left and threw a pass towards Buchholz, which fell incomplete.  But on the play the Raiders were flagged for roughing the passer, with much protestation for the Raider coach and a few of their fans.  Blessed with a new set of downs and a big chunk of yards, it didn’t take much for BR to score again, MacDonell getting over from three yards out with a nice spin move at the line.  Once again, the PAT was flushed out, but, BR 28-0 with only seconds left in the second quarter.

    The Raiders got the ball to start the second half at their 29.  Several short runs with the usual defensive contributions from BR followed.  Mixed in the sequence of plays were a couple of healthy pass plays.  Both potentially, suspect if there were instant replay challenges allowed at this level, but….. here we are.  The first for 35 yards, the BR players in the neighborhood seemed to cast some doubt on that one. The other was good for 17 yards along the sideline and was at least one foot in bounds?  With 1st and ten at the BR 11, another pass play was thwarted as Mitchell read the play and stepped in front of the ball for the pick, with a return to the 14 yard line. 

    The Wolverines could not take advantage of the interception, going three and out, instead.  Allen was called upon to punt for the first time in a few weeks.   A nice kick by Caden rolled out at the Raider 36. The Raiders built up a drive.  BR probably got away with what could have been a BIG call, but the refs didn’t see it that way.  The big play for the Raiders was a 30 yard toss with Buchholz making a touchdown delaying tackle at the BR 19.  A couple of runs and the Raiders were on the board.  They kicked the pat, to cut the BR edge to 28-7.

    BR answered back in the best possible way.   Maddox Davison alertly corralled the onside kick attempt at the BR 43. Buchholz got a big chunk to the Raider 41.  He followed that with a run that would make Ferris Bueller in the parade scene proud.  Trey did some twisting and shouting, changing directions a few times along the way to get to endzone.  The PAT try was no good as, while it looked like face guarding on the D onthe pass play, the refs flagged BR for OPI, though the flags came out “VERY LATE”, BR extending to 34-7.

    Militello’s kickoff made an unfortunate left hand turn at about the 3 yard line, going out of bounds, so “Illegal kickoff”.   CMBB started their next drive at their 35. On the first play for them, a dribbler of a shotgun snap was not scooped by their QB, Allen charging in on the stop and Militello grabbing the ball at the 33.   MacDonell had two runs, Allen kept it for 5, good to move the chains as the 3rd quarter came to a finish.

    Starting the final stanza, Buchholz went for 11.  Then MacDonell for the final 9 and a score.  Another missed Pat had BR to their limit at 40-7.

    The ensuing Raider drive started on heir own 36. A couple of penalties in the mix, created a 3rd and 15.  Their quarter back looking to pick it all up didn’t have enough on the ball, Buchholz picked it in the middle of the field and returned it to the CMBB 26.

    12 yards from Trey and it looked as though BR would sneak closer to the fiftyburger. A short run by Buchholz, then a holding call against BR wiped out the good chance for BR.  Once the infraction was walked off, BR hit the reverse key.  A couple of minus plays, and the BR coaches had nothing for a 4th and 22, eventually turning over the ball at the CMBB 24.  

    A couple of short runs while BR was making personnel changes.  Following a CMBB timeout, the Raiders were able to get another score up on the board as their main runner eluded the Wolverine defenders for the long score.  They tacked on the 2 pointer  for the ultimate 40-15 tally.  BR ran a handful of plays to end it.

    As mentioned at the start of this

    MacDonell broke 100, going 134 and 4 TDs.

    Buchholz got silver medal with 114 yard, a touchdown, and the one 2 pointer. 

    Allen earned 60 yards with one score.

    Allen threw for just 27 yards, he didn’t need to throw.!

    Buchholz and Loucks accounted for the 2 pointers.


    So as we forge ahead, stay tuned here for links for the finals tickets.