• BR traveled to Scio on Wednesday evening to close out a “three games in three nights” stretch. They came home with a 22-3 victory. The evening turned out fairly nice despite the weather earlier in the day and the forecasts for game time.
    Games that end like this are really tough to recap in the usual arrangement, for a few reasons I won’t elaborate upon.
    This will be more of a run through the numbers.
    Charlie Militello started on the mound for BR, working three innings of hitless ball, with 7Ks and just one walk. Landon Arnold pitched the final 2 frames striking out 4.
    Strange numbers kinds of things (I sense a pattern, perhaps): BR sent 16 to the plate to get off to a fast start. They collected 15 walks, had 14 hits, left 13 on the bases throughout the contest, 12 bases accounted for via six doubles, 11 is Coach Allen’s number (most probably don’t know that!), 10 runs in the first, 9 runs over the next two innings, 8 stolen bases combined (all but one for BR), 7 the time the game ended(!), 6 errors combined in the game, 5 combined HBPs in the game, 4 outs by the home squad that weren’t Ks, 3 Wolverines drew three walks each, 2 days until the next game and one night of rest.
    “No one said there’d be math!”
    So, the four outs that weren’t strike outs were Landon Barkley to Caden Allen and Trey Buchholz to Allen, in the 1st. In the 4th, the reverse of that, Allen to Buchholz. The boys had swapped positions and if you were present you may have witnessed your one and only opportunity to see a left-handed shortstop. I don’t think it will catch on. Finally, back to the usual alignment in the last, Allen took one unassisted at first.
    The innings for BR were 10, 2, 7, 2 and 1.
    Some sharp contact and a couple of BR miscues allowed the hosts to get three across in the 4th.
    Over the course of the season, everyone contributes to the team in their own ways. Wednesday’s stat sheet is loaded with those contributions.
    Buchholz 3 hits, 2RBIs and 5 runs scored. Reiss Gaines 2 hits, 3 RBIs and 3 scored. Aydin Sisson, typical strong game behind the plate and threes across the runs, hits and RBIs. Allen a hit, 2 RBIs, and 2 scored. Barkley a hit, an RBI, and a run. Tavyn MacDonell 2 runs scored, 4 RBIs. Militello 2 runs scored. Maddox Davison a hit, 2 RBIs, and a run. Waide Karnuth a hit and an RBI, Braden Zilker a hit, 2 RBIs and 2 scored. Aiden Smith got a hit, Arnold scored a run.
    BR hosts the Port Allegany Gators on Friday evening at 6.
    That will be followed bright and early Saturday morning for a leisurely bus ride to Bloomfield for an 11 am start.