• Senior Night! 

    A time of many mixed emotions for those closely involved. 

    Celebration and apprehension. 

    Trepidation and elation.

    Reflecting on the past and contemplating the future.

    For BR, that was Tuesday night.  

    The Wolverine faithful watched seven young men play their last scheduled home game on the baseball turf.   (I think we need to get a name attached to it as is seen at many other ball yards in the area.  I have a pretty good idea for that.) 

    #1 Aydin Sisson, #8 Landon Arnold, #10 Caleb Miller, #22 Trey Buchholz, #23 Reiss Gaines, #28 Caden Allen, and #31 Aiden Smith were congratulated and celebrated in a ceremony before the game.  A few of those names we have seen for several seasons while the others are  newfound friends of the program.  

    As Coach Allen was occupied, Coach Thomas read off each player’s baseball highlight and, possibly more importantly, their post high school plans (quite an impressive future to be sure).  He then read a very heartfelt and poignant message from Coach Allen to this fine collection of student athletes.   Well, most of the message, as there was a certain portion left for another time, let’s say.

    Following all of this, the game became more of an afterthought, but we will discuss it as is our usual.  BR prevailed 20-0 in five innings over the visiting Friendship-Scio squad.  All seven players, above, played a role in this one.  The whole squad had a hand in this one.  

    BR on the night, had 12 hits and an equal number of RBIs.  Remarkably, there were only 6 walks (3 for each team) and just 4 Ks, all by BR batters!!!  The Wolverines did get the benefit of several fielding mishaps and a couple of HBPs.

    Arnold was the first of three pitchers for the Wolverines in this one.  Miller came on in the  fourth, and Smith finished things up.  Combined they held the visitors to three hits.  They were aided by three double plays.

    In the first, groundout, Buchholz to Allen for one down.  Two of the F/S hits were back-to-back, giving the road squad a spark.  But the first of the double plays with a good ol’ fashioned 6-4-3 turn.  Buchholz to Landon Barkley to Allen. 

    Batter up!

    Buchholz hit one up the middle, then promptly stole second.  Gaines hit a ball that was misplayed, Buchholz scoring.  Gaines stole second then moved up on a wild pitch while Sisson was working a free pass. First and third, Sisson’s break for second prompted a balk by the pitcher. Gaines scored, Sisson to 2nd.   Allen lashed a triple to right center, easily scoring Sisson.  Allen would come in on a passed ball. Tavyn MacDonell reached on an error.  Miller singled to left, MacDonell to third.  An errant pickoff attempt allowed MacDonell to cross the plate, Miller hustling to take his place at third. Arnold helped his own cause, lifting a sac fly to left. BR 6-0.

    The third and final hit for the visitors led off the second.  That runner was promptly erased when Buchholz made a diving grab of a liner up the middle, throwing to first to double the runner off the bag easily.  A base on balls followed, but that runner was picked off, Sisson to Allen.

    Gaines started the BR 2nd with an inside the park HR.  A sharp shot to one of the deepest parts of the park, and with Reiss’s speed, the defense had little chance of getting him. Sisson got aboard by error. He made it to third on a stolen base and a wild pitch. Allen Sac Flied him in for the score. Barkely singled to left and made it to 2nd as the defense was slow to get the ball in. MacDonell got aboard by an error, Barkley able to score on the play. Miller plated MacDonell with a single to right.  Miller took second (SB) and scored when Arnold singled to left.  Arnold ended up on 3rd on the play as the ball was miscued in the field. Smith got in on the action with a sharp single to right, scoring Arnold. Smith stole second and moved to third on a right side grounder.  He would come in to score when Gaines’s ball was miscued. Gaines got to third on Sisson’s single.  That was it for the inning, but what an inning, BR 13-0.

    Arnold got the visitors in order, Allen unassisted at first, Gaines ball hawking in center and Sisson, out from behind the plate and at third, to Allen.

    BR repeated their output from the second in the third.  Allen started by getting aboard by an error.  Waide Karnuth ran for him.  MacDonell was hit for the 11th time this year. Miller walked to fill the bags.  Smith dropped one into short left, Karnuth and MacDonell crossed the plate.  Miller to third. Buchholz ripped a shot down the first base line that was kept close by a nice leaping attempt by the fielder, however Miller scored, Smith to second. Gaines tripled to center, scoring Smith and Buchholz.  A fielder’s choice at third by Sisson and a hot box allowed Gaines to ninja in and Sisson to land on third.  The order got back around to Karnuth, and he singled to left to score Sisson.  That ended the scoring.  BR 20-0, still with some formalities to attend to.

    Miller took over on the bump with many other position and personnel changes.  A lead off walk, usually the bane of most pitcher’s, but the pitcher’s best friend followed.  Another 6-4-3 DP.  This time Buchholz to Arnold (at 2nd) and on to Maddox Davison at first.   The inning ended after another 6-3 put out.

    BR’s 4th.  MacDonell was hit AGAIN! I dunno, I think he’s been leaning into them! 12th time on the season, apparently a new school record.  Some well struck balls were played nicely by the road nine to leave the score the same. 

    Friendship-Scio’s 5th inning had a bit of promise for them to break the drought, but.

    Leading off the inning was a hit batter.  He was erased on a fielder’s choice, Braden Zilker at third to Arnold at second to get the lead runner. A liner at Buchholz for two down.  Pitching change to Smith. He produced a grounder to Buchholz who took it himself stepping on the bag at second.

    The individual stats, there were a lot!

    Buchholz, 2hits, 2 runs and an RBI.

    Gaines, big night, triple, homer, three runs and three RBI.

    Sisson, a hit, an RBI and three scored.

    Allen a triple, two RBIs, and a run scored.

    Karnuth one of each!

     Barkley a hit and a run.

    MacDonell scored three.

    Miller a very solid outing, two hits, three runs scored and an RBI. 

    Arnold, helping his own cause for the win, a hit, a run and 2 RBIS. 

    Smith rounded things out with a hit, an RBI and two runs scored.


    BR hits the road to finish the season.  Two this week and two at the start of next week.

    First up, over the Summit to face the Lions of Wellsville.  The Lions are having one heck of a campaign and Wednesday’s game should be something to witness.   Game is at 5.