• Games such as the one that took place Monday evening in Hinsdale are tough.  I would imagine they’re tough to play, certainly tough to watch, tough to stay focused, tough to learn much from, tough to discuss after.   

    The Wolverines took the W with a 27-7 win at the home of the Bobcats. 

    BR batted around the order and then some in three of the innings.  Almost everyone in a Wolverine uniform had three plate appearances. Had Coach Allen not tightened the reins, offensively, things might have gone even further in the one direction.

    Three BR hurlers held the Bobcats to 3 hits and 3 walks.  Yet despite all of that, the Bobcats put up a Six Pack in their 4th to get the score to what it was.  Sloppy Wolverine play and a pair of those hits accounted for much of that inning.  Five BR errors were recorded on the night, matching the home side, for a whopping 10 total (I know most of you could do the math)

    Another stunning stat, combined there were ELEVEN hit batters, BR getting the edge 6-5 in that stat.

    Rather than belabor things with the play by play, as we usually do, I think I’ll just rundown the stats.  Apologies to those wanting the usual sort of recap, but that could take hours.

    BR’s line score 8, 10, 0, 8, 1 for 27 runs, 17 hits, 5 errors.  

    51 plate appearances, 32 official at bats, 13 walks, 22 RBIs, 6 HBPs versus 4 pitchers from the home side. In 7 innings, those numbers might be eye popping, but in a five inning game WOWSERS!

    The BR pitchers were:

    Reiss Gaines started and went 2 innings with 4 Ks and one walk.

    Maddox Davison pitched one plus with 2 Ks. 

    Braden Zilker pitched the final 2 with a K.

    Here we go with the offensive stats.  Deep breath!!!!

    Gaines had a triple, drew a pair of walks, scored three, and drove in three. 

    Trey Buchholz had a double, driving in one and scoring two.

    Aydin Sisson drove in a pair on one hit and he scored twice.  He also gunned out a would be base stealer at second to end the Bobcat second.

    Caden Allen had a double, scored twice and drove in two.

    Landon Barkley had two hits, drove in two, drew two walks, and scored three.

    Tavyn MacDonell had a hit, drove in a pair, drew two walks. He was also plunked two more times extending his season record total.  He scored 4 times and was instrumental in anchoring a pickle situation which put an end to the Bobcats in their 4th.

    Charlie Militello had a pair of hits, driving in one, scoring three and also made a couple of nice plays at third, which included involvement in the aforementioned pickle play.

    Braden Zilker three runs, hits, and RBIs.  He also had two HBPs to keep pace with Tavyn.

    Kingston Loucks had the deuces wild night, two each hits, runs and RBIs.

    Caleb Miller had a hit, an RBI and two runs scored.

    Landon Arnold had a hit.

    Aiden Smith was good for a hit, a run, and an RBI.

    Waide Karnuth scored one and drove in one.


    The Wolverines are right back on the road to finish the regularly scheduled part of their season, Tuesday.  They are set to square off against the always difficult Fillmore Eagles back in Pegulaville in Houghton.   The game will start at 7.


    After that, it very much looks like a home game in round 1 of the playoffs.  That would be Saturday.  Any other details will not be known until Thursday’s Seeding Meeting. 

    Any and all of this will be weather dependent.