• The Wolverines finished the regular season, Tuesday evening, with a heart-thumping, 3-2 win over the host Fillmore Eagles.  The game was played at Houghton University and provided fans from both sides of the field plenty of thrills.  The hotly contested game was a welcome way to enter the postseason as it provided many teaching moments for the coaches. It also gave the boys a glimpse of what they’ll need to do going forward.

    With the victory, BR’s record is 18-2 on the season, but after Thursday when the seedings are announced, everyone will be 0-0.  It does appear that BR will be the #1 seed in the Class C2 section.  There are still several games to be played on Wednesday which may alter the eventual playoff path.

    Trey Buchholz pitched a whale of a game, striking out 13, giving up 4 hits, while getting the team out of a few serious jams, including the final out.

    Offensively, BR collected 8 hits, scratching out their runs in the 2nd , 5th, and 6th innings.  If there is a negative to take away it would be 11 men left on base, so there were things there for the taking which didn’t get took.

    Running through the game:

    BR could not take advantage of an Aydin Sisson walk in the opening session.  

    Fillmore got two on in their half, but the first 2 Ks and Maddox Davison to Caden Allen (5-3) ended the rally.

    The Wolverines opened the scoring in their second chance.  Landon Barkley singled to right.  Landon stole second and made it to third on a wild pitch.  A walk to Tavyn MacDonell, put men at the corners.  MacDonell stole second to put 2 in scoring position.  Braden Zilker brought in Barkley on a right side groundout.  BR couldn’t b bring MacDonell home, unfortunately. BR 1-0.

    Two Ks and a fly to Reiss Gaines roaming to his right was the Fillmore 2nd.

    A couple of superstupidly quick innings followed. 

    BR went down on 5 pitches.

     Fillmore bested that number by going out in 4 pitches.   Allen at first, flip to Buchholz covering for the first out.  Pop up to Zilker at second base.  Pop up to Barkley at short.

    BR fourth was another frustrating frame.  Allen singled to lead off.  Barkley singled putting two aboard, no one out. Later with two away, Zilker was hit by a pitch to load the bags.  Aaaaand, LOB count up to 5.   Two of the outs, full credit must be given to the Eagles as they made some quality plays to get the outs.

    Fillmore got their lead off on board with a single just over the outstretched glove of the BR infielder.   That man would eventually sneak in a stolen base to get into scoring position. A popper to Barkley at short and 2 more Ks for Buchholz squelched that one.

    BR doubled their lead in the fifth.  A two out single by Sisson, just past the Eagle second sacker, started it.  Allen gapped a double to bring Sisson around.  A Barkley walk and MacDonell single to the hole at short, loaded the bags again.  But… three more LOB.

    Trey struck out the side in the Fillmore 5th.

    BR purchased some necessary insurance in the 6th.   But once again things didn’t get going until 2 were gone.  Gaines drew a walk.  He stole second and went to third when the throw went into center field.  Buchholz singled in front of the left fielder to the Wolverines’ third run. Again, another duck left on the pond.  BUT, BR 3-0.

    Fillmore broke the ice in the bottom of the 6th. After Trey’s latest K, a free pass got them going. A fly ball to Kingston Loucks was two gone.  The runner would later steal second and make it to third when the throw was not handled cleanly. A hard single up the middle plated their run.  Trey bore down and got the final out via the K.

    BR one more time, got two on but after two were out. An infield single by MacDonell.  Waide Karnuth drew a walk to make things exciting.  A wild pitch moved both runners up, but…. LOB # 10 and #11.

    A just missed diving attempt set the Eagles up for their comeback in the last.  Three bases were covered on the play. A BR error scored the run and kept another runner on.  A brief chat on the hill with Coach Smith settled Trey down as he got the next man with his 12th K.  The runner moved up on a pitch mishap, during that strikeout.  After an ungodly number of 0-2 foul balls, grounder Zilker to Allen, moved the would-be tying run to third but with two away.  With both sides cheering wildly, Buchholz got the baker’s dozen K to end the game with the tying run 90 feet away.  PHEW! and DOUBLE PHEW!!!


    Stats recap:  Gaines scored the winning run.  Buchholz had a hit and the game winning RBI and one HE** of a game on the hill!  Sisson a hit and a run.  Allen, the BIG double as part of his 2-hit night for the RBI. MacDonell got 2 hits. Zilker had the first RBI.


    The Boys now wait for the seeding meeting which is to take place on Thursday morning.  The section schedule points to a probable game on Saturday. At home.