• The Wolverines advanced in the sectional playoffs with an 8-1 win over a scrappy Cuba Rushford Rebels squad.  They will now advance to the Semi Finals of the C2 Tournament, Thursday, versus the Kendall Eagles.  Kendall defeated Alexander, 4-0 in their quarterfinal game. According to the Kendall school’s website, they have Friday off, so the 75 mile restriction would not be in play.  That means another home game for BR.  However, the Section starts to charge with the Semi-Final rounds.  Details will follow, soon, as I suspect it will be the cashless ticket thing.  

    Back to a balmy Tuesday evening in the BR backyard. It was a well-paced game, over and done in about an hour and forty-five.  BR put together 10 hits, two walks, a hit batter, and forced an error on one of their “baserunning dance of the clairvoyants” plays to cash a run. Trey Buchholz and Landon Barkley combined to keep the Rebels in check, with 4 hits for their one run.  Both kept the pitch numbers under the limits so they should be available for that Thursday night clash. Trey went 5 and 2/3 with 5 Ks.  Landon did the final 1 and 1/3.

    The Rebels started with a quick first.  A K, a ground ball, Maddox Davison at third to Caden Allen at first.  A single just past the diving BR fielder put one on.  The 4th man popped out in foul territory to Davison making the Sno Cone catch.

    BR went in order in their first chance.

    The Rebels got on the board in their second trip to the plate. After a fly ball to Kingston Loucks in right, the next man was hit by a pitch. He moved up on a grounder, Davison to Allen.  A single just falling in in front of the diving BR outfielder plated their run.  Another grounder, Davison to Allen ended that threat.

    BR fared much better in their 2nd inning than they had in the first. 

    Barkley hit a sharp one out single to center.  He stole second ahead of Tavyn MacDonell’s  single to left, Wolverines at the corners, but only for a moment.  MacDonell stole second.  Loucks hit the ball to third, and beat the throw to first, Barkley crossing the plate, MacDonell to third. Loucks stole second. Charlie Militello drove a single to right, moving the runners, MacDonell in for the run, Loucks to third.  Braden Zilker lifted a fly to left scoring Loucks with Militello moving to third. Charlie would come in on a wild pitch. Reiss Gaines singled to center and stole his way over to Coach Allen’s side of the field.  But he couldn’t be brought in.  BR, 4-1, end of 2.

    It would stay that way through the third as both sides went quickly in their chances.  Two Buchholz to Allen ground balls sandwiched around a nice scoop at short by Barkley with the throw to Allen.

    BR did not take advantage of Allen’s single to center in their half.

    The Rebels had a rally going in the 4th. Another hit batter and a single to the hole put two aboard.   Buchholz buckled down and fanned the next three.

    BR went down on three pitches in their 4th.  No, really!

    The CR 5th was also quick.  Gaines made a nice run to flag down a ball in center. Barkley to Allen for out 2. Fly out to Loucks in right, for three away.

    BR increased their advantage in their 5th.  Gaines singled to right, then stole second.  With one away, while Aydin Sisson was drawing a walk, Gaines stole third. This is where the dancing took place.  After ball 4, Sisson took off down to first and rounded heading to second.  The pitcher wasn’t sure what to do. He ran at Sisson, who did a bit of back and forth between the bags.  The pitcher turned to check on Gaines who had started toward home. He then turned back to check on Sisson, at that point Gaines had a good head of steam heading to the plate. The pitcher turned and fired to the plate.  A PERFECT throw would have had a chance.  His throw was a touch less than that, Gaines scored and in the aftermath, Sisson ended up with a three base walk, if you will.  Barkley singled to center scoring Sisson.  Barkley took second just before MacDonell roped a ground rule double to center for the RBI.   BR 7-1.

    In the CR 6th, Barkley to Allen for 1 down.  A dying quail to the outfield that the BR fielder had designs on making a Sportscenter attempt at it, but made the more judicious decision to play it on the hop for a single. A K, a pitching change to Barkley and a fly to Gaines ended the rally.

    BR padded on in the bottom of the sixth.   Militello took one for the team. Zilker laid down a nifty bunt, moving Charlie to second.  Buchholz hit a one out single to the outfield, plating Militello.  Trey getting to second when the throw went through to the plate. A walk to Sisson had two on and a potential bigger inning. A fielder’s choice up the middle ended the BR batting night.

    Three outs and the handshake.  Zilker, at second, to Allen for the first two and a pop up to Barkley on the mound for the clincher.


    Gaines had two hits and a run scored.

    Buchholz had a hit and RBI.

    Sisson drew two walks, one eventually resulted in a run.  He also ripped a shot, early, that the CR defender made a heck of a run to track, taking away a hit.

    Allen had a hit and also had a potential hit erased by a fine defensive play.  

    Barkley had two hits, drove in one, and scored twice.

    MacDonell had two hits, one being the double under the cloth fence.  He drove in one and scored one.

    Loucks had a nice night with a hit, a run, and an RBI.

    Militello had a hit, RBI, and scored 2.

    Zilker had the important Sac Fly, as well as the Sac Bunt, in his plate chances.


    Still no time on Thursday’s game, but yes at home and yes versus Kendall and yes $$.


    Stay tuned.