Board of Education

Board Member Email Address End of Term
Norene Ferris
Jarrod Bell June 30, 2026
Erin Baldwin June 30, 2024
Kami Doane June 30, 2025
Amanda McDonnell June 30, 2025
Michelle Clark June 30, 2024
Aaron Duell June 30, 2026
  • Board of Education Meetings

    The Board of Education meetings are usually held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in Conference Room 113 of the Bolivar Building.

    Board of Education Goals

    1. Student Achievement and Academic Programming
      1. The Board of Education will receive quarterly updates from the Building Principals and other instructional leaders regarding Academic Progress/AIS Programming and State Assessment Data as it becomes available.
      2. The Board of Education will support the establishment of a Districtwide STEAM and Agricultural Instruction Committee. This committee, made up of two or three teachers from each building, as well as our building principals and Superintendent, will meet at least three times in the 2023-24 school year. The purpose of these meetings will be to clearly define what the STEAM and Ag programming will be for students in grades K-12.

    2. Operations and Budget
      1. The Board of Education will engage in periodic trainings/workshops in cooperation with the superintendent and business official related to the Board’s duty of financial oversight.
      2. The Board of Education will identify the financial items they would like to see included for their review in each Board Meeting.

    3. School Culture
      1. The Board of Education will support the work of our School Safety Advisors as they review our emergency plans, procedures and protocols.
      2. The Board of Education will ask the Safety Advisors to work collaboratively with local law enforcement and first responders to update districtwide safety plans.
      3. The Board of Education will ask building level administrators to coordinate drills with the Safety Advisors that better prepare our faculty, staff and students for potential emergency situations.
      4. Through professional development opportunities, the Board of Education will provide ongoing training for faculty and staff to support their response to the social and emotional needs of our student body. In doing so, the Board of Education recognizes and emphasizes the significant role that mental health plays in sustaining a safe and healthy school environment.
      5. The Board of Education values input from the District’s administrative team. As such, the School Board will receive a report from both building principals in each regularly scheduled school board meeting. Other District administrators will report at the request of the board in cooperation with the Superintendent.
      6. The Board of Education will utilize the District’s public relations assets to consistently communicate important information and to promote district events to community residents.
      7. The Board of Education will hold community forums as needed to focus on important topics such as capital project updates, school budget development, and other topics of interest to the entire school population.
      8. The Board of Education will use the monthly school board meeting as a forum to support and highlight outstanding student and staff accomplishments. Members of our student body and/or members of our staff will be invited to board meetings as a way for the school board to recognize their excellence.