• Zoom



    Quick Tips For Teachers/Staff

    Please spend some time looking through your settings in your Zoom account.  You may want to...

    1. Use the Waiting Room feature (turn it on) - this ensures that people can't join your meeting until you allow it.
    2. Require a Password.
    3. Turn off PRIVATE CHAT - keeps kids from chatting with each other privately during your session (I highly recommend doing this.)
    4. Turn off screen and whiteboard sharing  - you can always turn it back on once you've established "rules," etc.
    5. TURN ON "remove uninvited participant" and/or "put participant on hold.
    1. DO NOT post your join link publicly, i.e. keep it within Google Classroom
    2. When possible, have a co-teacher involved to manage comments, muting, etc.)
    3. LOCK your meeting once all your students/participants have arrived.
    4. You may want to disable the ability to change one's name when entering a meeting (in settings), as you don't want the hassle of figuring out who is really who.
    5. If you boot someone out of a session, they will not be able to get back in.