• Most Current Bolivar-Richburg CSD News Regarding School Closure 


    ** COVID-19 Notice – 4/8/2020

    This is an important calendar update for our Bolivar-Richburg School District families.  Under the NYS executive order to close school due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are required to use all of our remaining emergency closing days, and Spring Break.  This means that now April 10-17 will be converted to “make-up days”.  Next week we will continue with our meal deliveries Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and our instructional staff will continue to engage our students.  Please remain safe and healthy, and we hope to see you all back in school soon.


    ** COVID-19 Notice – 4/8/2020

    Click here to read and update on available health benefits from NYSOH during the COVID-19 pandemic.



    ** COVID Notice - 4/7/2020

    The Bolivar-Richburg School District will be providing home instruction for several more weeks.  All schools in New York State are closed at least through April 29. 

    Teachers and staff are working diligently to keep our students connected and learning.  All students grade 6 through 12 have been placed in a Teams class through Office 365.  This is an app they can access on almost any device.  There, teachers will post assignments and notify students of ways to connect to online classes. 

    If you or your student has not yet looked at the new Teams, please do so.  You will find a Team for each of your classes at Bolivar-Richburg.  If you have any questions, please email your teacher for assistance. 

    For those students with no internet access, new student work packets will be delivered in the coming weeks.  Please look for more information about this to be posted in the future.


    ** COVID-19 Notice - 3/26/2020

    If you are a parent or caregiver who needs child care, please complete this parent need for child care survey.  Based on the information you provide about your job, employer, number of children, and financial need, Child and Family Services (OCFS) may be able to help you find the child program you need.  It may be a challenge to find child care due to COVID-19 related program closures, however the staff at OCFS are trying their best to support families to find high quality child care that they need.


    ** COVID-19 Notice – 3/25/2020


    In order to streamline our efforts, we’re making a few changes to the weekly meal distribution schedule starting Monday, March 30, 2020.


    Monday:  Meals for both Monday and Tuesday will be available for pick up

    Tuesday:  No pick up

    Wednesday:  Meals for both Wednesday and Thursday will be available for pick up

    Thursday: No pick up

    Friday:  Meal for Friday will be available for pick up


    Monday:  Meals for both Monday and Tuesday will be prepared and delivered

    Tuesday:  No delivery

    Wednesday:  Meals for both Wednesday and Thursday will be prepared and delivered

    Thursday: No delivery

    Friday:  Meal for Friday will be prepared and delivered


    ** COVID-19 Notice – 3/2020

    Click here to take our family survey.

    In order to best determine the needs of our BRCS community during this time of uncertainty, we ask for our parents to participate in a survey regarding meals and communication. 

    This will help us plan to better meet our students needs during the extended closure


    ** COVID-19 Notice – 3/18/2020

    Cafeteria Information - Meal Pick Up

    Starting Thursday, March 19, 2020 from 11:00 a.m. to Noon, parents and/or students can pick up a carry out breakfast and lunch from the bolivar building.  This service will be available Monday through Friday until further notice.

    There will also be further information in the student packets that will be delivered Friday, March 20.


    ** COVID-19 Notice – 3/15/2020

    As recommended recently by the Allegany and Cattaraugus Health Departments, all school districts, including Bolivar-Richburg CSD – will be closed to students effective Wednesday March 18, 2020 through Sunday, April 12, 2020, with instruction occurring through home-based curriculum.  This closure also applies to all district students who normally attend classes at CA Boces campuses.  While there are still no confirmed cases in our region at the time of this communication, the action is ordered out of caution, as cases in neighboring counties continue to rise.  The main purpose of the order is to slow the potential spread of disease among students and the community. 

    Here are some important pieces to consider as we head into our planned closures:

    1. Our district and all programs will be closed to students on Monday, March 16, all staff should report.  This closure will allow our instructional team and other staff members to train and finalize educational plans for students.
    2. Students should report for a regularly scheduled day on Tuesday, March 17. On this day, they will receive instruction for study, tools, and supplies for the duration of the closure.  Students who attend a CTE program at CA Boces center will also receive instruction for their respective program.  Parents will receive a copy of all instructions for their students. 
    3. As a district, we do have a food plan in place to provide meals to those students who require it during the closure. In addition, students with disabilities who receive specialized services will continue to receive the educational support needed to be successful.  You will be receiving specific communication on these areas by Tuesday.

    We appreciate your support during this challenging time.  We continue to be proactive in keeping our students, staff and communities safe. 


    ** COVID-19 Notice – 3/14/2020

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