Middle School/High School Teacher Office Hours and Class Streaming Times

Hybrid In-Person Learning Plan

Team Assignments

  • “Team Assignments” for students in grades 7-12 can now be accessed from the Parent Portal on the BRCS website. Your child’s team assignment will determine which days they will be in school each week.

    1. Go to the BRCS Parent PortalTeam
    2. Sign in with your username and password
    3. Click on “demographic view” (near the bottom on the left navigation pane)
    4. The “Assigned Track” designates which “Team” your child will be a part of

    Important Notes:

    • If you are unable to access your child’s team, please call the MSHS office at 585-928-2561.
    • To access your Team, you will have to log into the actual portal; the PowerSchool phone app is not able to display Teams