BRCS 6-12 Full Virtual Schedules

  • In the event of a possible temporary shut down the school will enter a full virtual learning model.  We have been pro-active in anticipating this scenario. Administration, school counselors and teachers have worked together to create a full virtual learning schedule for each grade level 6-12. 

    Simply select your student’s grade level and you will see the virtual schedule for the entire week. Classes are listed with their Zoom/live streaming time. Some lessons may also be delivered as audio lessons.   

    Families who have poor internet service, or no internet service at all, will receive their student’s academic materials on a District provided flash drive. If your student needs a flash drive, please call the Main Office at (585) 928-2901 to request one. 

    We will continue to put our students, families, faculty and staffs’ safety first. If you have questions about your student’s virtual schedule please call the Guidance Office or the Main Office.

    Mr. Quartley, Secondary Principal
    Bolivar Richburg CSD