Capital Improvement Project 2021

  • Background

    The Bolivar-Richburg CSD is in the process of planning and preparing for our next Capital Improvement Project, which we are hoping to send to public vote this fall.

    It has been nearly five years since the District completed our last capital project (2016). The purpose of a Capital Improvement Project is to allow Districts to maintain their current capital investments (buildings) and infrastructure (mechanicals, roofs, electrical, plumbing, etc.). It also allows the District to review program spaces and needs to allow for expanded student program offerings and new programs that meet the changing world of education and career readiness.

    The vote held on December 8th passed with 69 yes votes and 34 no votes. Thank you for coming out to vote and supporting our students and staff.

  • Financial Benefits

    The major financial benefit for a school district to complete a Capital Improvement Project is the significant amount of NYS building aid that is provided. Capital projects completed at Bolivar-Richburg CSD are currently aided at 95% on all items that qualify for building aid. This means that $0.95 for every dollar spent will be paid by NYS; our local cost would only be $0.05 per dollar.

    Because of this NYS building aid, it is a smart investment for Districts to complete a Capital Improvement Project every 3-5 years. Bolivar-Richburg CSD also has budgeted conservatively and planned for future Capital Improvement Projects by budgeting funds into a Capital Reserve (saving account) to be used to offset the local cost ($0.05) and to be able to complete any future Capital Improvement Project at a 0% tax levy increase to the taxpayers of the district.

  • Total Proposed Cost $15,375,600
  • Capital reserve from district $2,700,000
  • Current Tax Impact ZERO!

Project Overview

  • Developing the Project

    The Bolivar-Richburg CSD Board of Education and Administration have been working with architects and engineers from Clark Patterson Lee (CPL) to identify and design the full scope of the proposed project. We have spent the last 18 months meeting with shareholder groups, including teachers, support staff, and parents, to identify their needs and wants. We have also completed several open walk-throughs of our facilities to assist us in our final scope.

    The current project includes infrastructure improvements including roofs, boiler replacements, safety and security upgrades, classroom improvements, etc. We will also be increasing much-needed program space by reconfiguring current classroom spaces to provide room for special education and support services.

  • It is our hope and intention that this project will have a positive impact upon our program offerings, our current students and faculty, and the future success of all Bolivar-Richburg graduates moving forward.