Mrs. Andrea McLaughlin


    Dear Parents,


    I would like to say some congratulations and a couple 'Shout Outs.'    First, 'Shout Outs' to the following:   

    • Mrs. Auman for organizing Family Fun Night.   Everyone who participated thoroughly enjoyed it!   Who was that Wolverine? 
    • The Kindergarten teachers for going door-to-door to deliver diplomas!
    • Mr. Davison and his department for all of the assistance with tech demands!
    • Mrs. Walters and Mr. Bogey for those amazing iReady videos!
    • Cafeteria workers, bus drivers, bus aides for delivering devices and packets, and keeping our elementary students fed!
    • Mrs. Glover, Mrs. Schryver, Miss Rose and Mrs. Sortore for organizing student pick-up of report cards, books, and personal items!
    • All of our faculty and staff for their hard work during this time of quarantine.  Thousands of zoom hours, house visits, meeting in parking lots, answering calls evenings and weekends, etc... You all really stepped up!

    Congratulations to our 5th graders.  We will miss you but know you will do great in 6th grade!

    Congratulations to our Kindergarten students!   Great Job!

    Congratulations to the following 4th and 5th grade students who were recipients of academic awards:


     Abdo, Dylan

    Amidon, Addison

    Baldwin, Mason

    Bell, Travis

    Bilby, Emma

    Blake, Brandan

    Bowen, Izik

    Bryant, Kelcy

    Burdick, Jayden

    Button, Courtney

    Button, Ren

    Button, Zoiee

    Chambers, Layla

    Chambers, Neveah

    Dannheim, Wendy

    DePriter, West

    Fahnestock, Myleigh

    Fanton, Lawson

    Fisk, Alyssa

    Gaines, Jeffrey

    Gaston, Arlianna

    Giffen, Anna-Grace

     Greeson, Lindsey

    Hall, Sierra

    Higby, Christian

    Howard, Savannah

    Jones, Wyatt

    Kinnicutt, Annabel

    Kinnicutt, Christopher

    Knight, Haylie

    Lananger, Devin

    Learn, Elizabeth

    Loucks, Delaney

    Louser, Britany

    Lundy, William

    Lutes, Kaitlyn

    Margeson, Connor

    Mathews, Ayrianna

    Mathews, Ma'Kenzie

    Messing, Gunnar

    Music, Joseph

    Ordiway, Morgan

    Pettit, Trey

    Plants, Andrew

    Plants, Emma

    Safford, Sarah

    Schlosser, Lillyonna

    Schneider, Jaden

    Sisson, Hunter

    Smith, Gracie

    Smith, Tytan

    Stanton, Madyson

    Steinwandt, Arawyn

    Sydney Faulkner

    Thompson, Mason

    Tingley, Emily

    Torrey, Elizabeth

    Waldon, Jackson

    Weiler, Braxton

    Westfall, Sherry

    Whiting, Kylee

    Whitsell, Trevor

    Woodworth, Madalynn

    Youngs, Bentley

    Zilker, Maya


    Please take care and have a great summer!  Hopefully, we will be together in the Fall!

     Andrea McLaughlin, Elementary Principal