• The Guidance and Counseling Center has launched their Remind App Codes in order to communicate better with students and parents. Each grade level has their own code and there is an account set up for just general information.  Grade levels will receive important messages and information relating directly to that grade and individual students. The general account will basically be used for information that pertains to the district in general such as College visits or building activities. Please download the Remind App and ask to join a group or login on the website www.remind.com to communicate with the Guidance and Counseling Center.

Guidance & Counseling Center - Counselors

  • Welcome to the Guidance and Counseling Center Webpage!


    We are now located on the first floor past the nurse's office. 

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    Contact Information:

    Christy Crandall-Bean, 10-12 Grade School Counselor
    Phone:  585-928-2985

    Cell: 585-356-5116
    Email:  ccrandall-bean@brcs.wnyric.org

    Charanna Swartwout, 6-9 Grade School Counselor
    Phone:  585-928-2915
    Email:  cswartwout@brcs.wnyric.org

    Angela Schryver, Elementary School Counselor
    Phone: 585-928-2852

    Kimberly Cowburn, School Social Worker
    Phone: 585-928-2406 (Jr./ Sr. High School M,W,F) 585-928-2407 (Elementary T, TH)

    "The best way to predict your future is to create it." ~Abraham Lincoln

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  • B-RCS Guidance and Counseling Services work with Local Counseling Service Providers as well as Local Resources to provide support and interventions as needed. The attached document provides a list of those agencies and resources for your convenience. As always please do not hesitate to reach out to our office or any of these listed offices for assistance. Please click on the link below to find the information.


    List of Referral agencies and contacts