• Program Philosophies


                Participation in interscholastic athletics plays an integral role in a student’s educational process.  Sports participation provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences which assist students in their overall development.  The Bolivar-Richburg Central School District’s Athletic Program strives to provide valuable lessons for many practical situations – teamwork, sportsmanship, winning and losing, and hard work.  Through participation, students learn self-discipline, build self-confidence, develop leadership qualities, and develop skills to handle competitive situations.  These are qualities important to becoming responsible adults and productive citizens.  This value-building experience should be offered to as many students as possible.


                Bolivar-Richburg offers three levels of interscholastic programs:  modified, junior varsity, and varsity.  The sport activities and levels offered are determined by the existence of leagues and programs in the immediate area, student interest, financial resources, suitable facilities, and the relationship to the overall athletic program.


    Modified Program


                This level of interscholastic sports is primarily for seventh and eighth grade students.  Ninth graders are often placed at the modified level when no junior varsity level is offered.  Sports conducted at this level focus on acquiring basic skills, learning game rules, the fundamentals of team play, appropriate behavior patterns, and healthy competition.  An attempt will be made to give all team members meaningful contest participation over the course of a season.


                It is not our policy to cut students at the modified level.  However, if the number of students trying out for a team creates a situation that is difficult to manage, poses a safety problem, or is problematic because of facility consideration, reducing team size may be necessary.


    Junior Varsity Program


                This level of interscholastic sports is primarily for ninth and tenth grade students.  Occasionally, seventh and eighth grade students who have satisfied all selective/classification requirements are placed at this level.  Junior varsity programs work towards achieving a balance between continued team and player development.  Emphasis is placed on physical conditioning, refinement of fundamental skills, elements of strategies of team play, in addition to socio-emotional development.  The outcome of each contest is slightly more important than at the modified level; however, striving for victory while attempting to give team members adequate playing time during the season is important.  Members are expected to exhibit a high level of dedication and commitment with the goal of becoming a varsity athlete.


    Varsity Program


                This level of interscholastic sports is the culmination of all other levels.  Normally, juniors and seniors combine for the majority of the roster positions, along with any sophomores and freshmen that have developed at an advanced rate.  It is also possible for a seventh or an eighth grade student, who has satisfied all the selective/classification requirements to be included on a varsity roster.  Although cutting is not encouraged, the number of participants is determined by the need to conduct an effective and meaningful practice and to play a contest.  A sound attitude coupled with an advanced level of skill are prerequisites for a position on a varsity roster.


                Preparing to win and striving for victory in each contest are worthy goals of a varsity team, but they are not the only measures of success.  Through participation, students acquire important qualities necessary for becoming responsible adults and productive citizens.